Key Cutter Machine

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  • Triton Key Cutting Machine—FACTORY UPGRADED And REFURBISHED
    Item #: 12215
    Model: LL-TRM1-RFB
    $3,950.00 $3,450.00
  • Triton Plus ULTIMATE Key Cutting Machine
    Item #: 15231
    EZ #: TPUE
    Model: LL-TPUE
  • Triton Plus ULTIMATE—Bundle #1—$700 in Free BlueRocket!
    Item #: 16488
    EZ #: TPUE
    Model: LL-TPUE-BND1
    $6,195.00 $5,495.00
  • Triton Plus ULTIMATE —Bundle #2—FREE Nomad Key Cutting Machine!
    Item #: 16489
    EZ #: TPUE
    Model: LL-TPUE-BND2
    $5,985.00 $5,495.00
  • Triton Plus ULTIMATE —Bundle #3—FREE Autel KM100!
    Item #: 16490
    EZ #: TPUE
    Model: LL-TPUE-BND3
    $5,994.00 $5,495.00
  • Triton Plus ULTIMATE —Bundle #4—FREE Key Tool Max + 40 Superchips!
    Item #: 16491
    EZ #: TPUE
    Model: LL-TPUE-BND4
    $6,009.60 $5,495.00
  • Triton Plus AUTOMOTIVE Key Cutting Machine
    Item #: 15229
    EZ #: TPAE
    Model: LL-TPAE
  • Triton Plus AUTOMOTIVE—Bundle #1—$600 in Free BlueRocket!
    Item #: 16497
    EZ #: TPAE
    Model: LL-TPAE-BND1
    $4,895.00 $4,295.00
  • Triton Plus AUTOMOTIVE—Bundle #2—$578 in FREE Accessories!
    Item #: 16498
    EZ #: TPAE
    Model: LL-TPAE-BND2
    $4,873.00 $4,295.00
  • Triton Plus AUTOMOTIVE—Bundle #3—FREE Nomad Duplicator!
    Item #: 16499
    EZ #: TPAE
    Model: LL-TPAE-BND3
    $4,785.00 $4,295.00
  • Triton Plus AUTOMOTIVE—Bundle #4—FREE Autel KM100!
    Item #: 16500
    EZ #: TPAE
    Model: LL-TPAE-BND4
    $4,794.00 $4,295.00
  • Triton Plus AUTOMOTIVE—Bundle #5—FREE Key Tool Max + 40 Superchips!
    Item #: 16501
    EZ #: TPAE
    Model: LL-TPAE-BND5
    $4,809.60 $4,295.00
  • Triton Plus COMMERCIAL Key Cutting Machine
    Item #: 15230
    EZ #: TPCE
    Model: LL-TPCE
  • Triton Plus COMMERCIAL—Bundle #1—$600 in Free BlueRocket!
    Item #: 16492
    EZ #: TPCE
    Model: LL-TPCE-BND1
    $4,895.00 $4,295.00
  • Triton Plus COMMERCIAL—Bundle #2—$557 in FREE Accessories!
    Item #: 16493
    EZ #: TPCE
    Model: LL-TPCE-BND2
    $4,852.00 $4,295.00
  • Triton Plus COMMERCIAL—Bundle #3—FREE Nomad Duplicator!
    Item #: 16494
    EZ #: TPCE
    Model: LL-TPCE-BND3
    $4,785.00 $4,295.00
  • Triton Plus COMMERCIAL—Bundle #4—FREE Autel KM100!
    Item #: 16495
    EZ #: TPCE
    Model: LL-TPCE-BND4
    $4,794.00 $4,295.00
  • Triton Plus COMMERCIAL—Bundle #5—FREE Key Tool Max + 40 Superchips!
    Item #: 16496
    EZ #: TPCE
    Model: LL-TPCE-BND5
    $4,809.60 $4,295.00
  • BLACK WIDOW V2 Key Cutting Machine—OPEN BOX
    Item #: 15013
    Model: AKS-BLKWID-V2-OB
    $3,295.00 $2,895.00
  • Dolphin II XP-005L Automotive Key Machine—COMPACT & PORTABLE (Xhorse)
    Item #: 14591
    Model: XHS-XP005L
  • Dolphin II XP-005L (Xhorse)—Bundle #1—$200 in Free BlueRocket!
    Item #: 16525
    Model: XHS-XP005L-BND1
    $2,450.00 $2,250.00
  • Dolphin II XP-005L (Xhorse)—Bundle #2—$176 in FREE Accessories!
    Item #: 16526
    Model: XHS-XP005L-BND2
    $2,426.00 $2,250.00
  • Dolphin II XP-005L (Xhorse)—Bundle #3—FREE M4 Jaw!
    Item #: 16527
    Model: XHS-XP005L-BND3
    $2,379.00 $2,250.00
  • Dolphin II XP-005L (Xhorse)—Bundle #4—FREE Mini Key Tool!
    Item #: 16528
    Model: XHS-XP005L-BND4
    $2,380.00 $2,250.00
  • Dolphin II XP-005L (Xhorse)—Bundle #5—FREE Set of MFK Keys!
    Item #: 16529
    Model: XHS-XP005L-BND5
    $2,440.00 $2,250.00
  • Keyline FALCON Tibbe Code Cutting Machine
    Item #: 3504
    Model: KLN-FALCON
  • Keyline NINJA LASER Edge-Cut & HS Code Cutting Machine
    Item #: 5020
  • Keyline NINJA TOTAL All-In-One Electronic Key Cutting Machine
    Item #: 14129
    Model: KLN-NINJA-TTL
  • Keyline Messenger Key Cutting Machine for Edge, Laser and Dimple Keys
    Item #: 17885
    Model: KLN-MSG
  • Gymkana 994 HS & Edge Code-Cutting Machine (KEYLINE)
    Item #: 9105
    Model: KLN-GYMKANA
  • Silca Futura AUTO Electronic Key Cutting Machine (ILCO)—for Car Keys
    Item #: 9716
    Model: ILC-BK0497XXXX
    $4,546.60 $3,897.09
  • Silca Futura EDGE Automatic Key Machine (ILCO)—for Edge-Cut Keys
    Item #: 8970
    Model: ILC-BK0494XXXX
  • Silca Futura EDGE PLUS Key Machine (ILCO)—for Medeco Biaxial
    Item #: 14492
    Model: ILC-BK0509XXXX
  • Silca Futura PRO High Security Key Machine (ILCO)—for All Keys
    Item #: 4085
    Model: ILC-BK0481XXXX
    $10,050.39 $8,614.62
  • Silca Unocode F900 Key Cutting Machine (ILCO)
    Item #: 13633
    Model: ILC-F900
  • Silca Duo Plus Duplicator Key Machine—CUTS STANDARD & FLAT STEEL! (ILC
    Item #: 11085
    Model: ILC-BH0058XXXX
  • HPC QuickSilver RapidKey - Super-Fast Automatic Key Machine!
    Item #: 6805
    Model: HPC-7000QS
  • HPC Switch Blitz - Code Cutter & Duplicator in One (1233CMSB)
    Item #: 5130
    Model: HPC-1233CMSB
  • HPC The Extreme Blitz™ - Key Cutting by Code (1200CMBX)
    Item #: 4570
    Model: HPC-1200CMBX
  • HPC The Original Blitz™ - Key Cutting by Code (1200CMB)
    Item #: 4569
    Model: HPC-1200CMB
1–40 of 62 products

American Key Supply stocks key cutter machines from trusted brands like Triton, Black Widow, Dolphin, and HPC, making it easy to find a key cutter machine that meets all of your business needs. The best part is regardless of which product you select, you will be producing the perfect replacement keys in a matter of minutes. 


What is a key cutting machine?


Key cutting machines are the ultimate locksmith side hustle. With the ability to trace and cut the unique profile of an existing key, creating a replacement or duplicate key, this piece of equipment offers a much-needed service that spans a wide variety of industries. While key cutting machines can commonly be found in local home hardware stores, many other businesses put them on display as a quick and convenient service for those who need one or more sets of keys—house keys, car keys, skeleton keys, yale keys, and more.  


How is a key cutting machine used?


The key cutting machine has revolutionized the way we duplicate and replace keys. At one time, it was all done by hand, and only a trained locksmith could get the job done. Now anyone with access and knowledge of how a key cutting machine works can operate and duplicate replacement keys for customers. 


Here’s how it works:


  1. Insert the original key into the vice facing upwards
  2. Insert the blank key into the second vice, where the cutting blade is located (be sure the two keys match)
  3. Close the protective cover to activate the machine. The micrometer will trace the original key automatically controlling the angles and depth of the blade.
  4. Once the duplication is complete, turn off the machine and remove both keys.
  5. Use the high-speed wire brush to polish the rough edges on the new key.
  6. Place the two keys against each other to compare if they are now an identical match.


What types of keys can and cannot be duplicated?


A locksmith or trained key cutting professional can cut the following types of keys:


  • House keys: These types of keys are duplicated the most 
  • Car keys: Depending on the year, vehicle keys can be duplicated, however, some require a special car key cutter machine that can be found at the dealership
  • Skelton key: These old, master keys often have intricate details and are used to open doors, cabinets, and chests—while they can be duplicated, you need to be careful to not wear any of the serrated edges during the cutting process
  • Yale keys: A small, standard key that’s commonly used for offices or buildings
  • Chubb keys: A larger, uniquely designed key that’s used for a tumbler lock system that acts as an added safety feature
  • Safe keys: Varying in size and design, these strong keys unlock mechanical metal deposit boxes—modern safes may not have keys but may use a code instead


Did you know that some types of keys are restricted and cannot be duplicated using a key cutting machine? 


  • Transponder keys: Since they possess a computer chip or electronic encryption, they cannot be cut with a key cutting machine
  • Laser cut car keys: As mentioned above, some vehicle keys require the use of a special car key cutter machine 
  • VAT keys: These electric keys cannot be matched if the original is broken
  • Tubular keys: These types of keys are circular with a tube in the middle making it a challenge to cut to match the notches
  • Abloy keys: Used for high-security locks, these keys cannot be duplicated


What types of key cutting devices are there?


There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to key cutting and since there are key cutting machines, we will differentiate the different types for you below:


  • Manual key cutting machine: Arguably the least accurate, manual devices are used for house keys, easily tracing and cutting the matching shape. However, we do not recommend this key cutting machine when used for detailed keys.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic key cutting machine: Doing most of the work automatically, these devices are more secure with the help of a vice to hold both keys in place. While more expensive, they are also more accurate. 
  • Laser key cutting machine: Operating similarly to the automatic, these devices use a high-tech laser rather than a sharp blade. This allows dimples to be placed on the key’s surface for more security.
  • Code key cutting machine: Codes are used to specify the parameters of how the key will be cut. The code is entered manually and the notches that are cut match that code. 
  • Bit key cutting machine: These devices specialize in the cutting of old fashion keys like skeleton keys. 


Where to buy the best key cutting machine online?


Who needs to open a search and enter the terms “key cutter machine near me” when American Key Supply can ship directly to you hassle-free? Our key cutter machines are a marvel in mechanical engineering and feature all of the add-ons that make the process professional and simplistic. Whether you’re a locksmith by trade, own a home hardware store, or simply want a key cutter machine for your garage space, shopping our collection by Triton, Black, Widow, Dolphin, HPC, and more gives you a wide variety of options with an even bigger selection of price points.


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