Key Duplicator Machines

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  • Ilco Speed 040 Automatic (with Manual Ability) Duplicator (ILCO)
    Item #: 7826
    Model: ILC-040SPD
  • Ilco Speed 046 Manual Duplicator FOR FLAT STEEL KEYS (ILCO)
    Item #: 8364
    Model: ILC-046SPD
  • AutoProPAD G2 Turbo (XTool)—Bundle #3—FREE Nomad Duplicator!
    Item #: 16467
    Model: XTL-G2T-BND3
    $3,489.00 $3,299.00
  • AutoProPAD G2 (XTool)—Bundle #3—FREE Nomad Duplicator!
    Item #: 16479
    Model: XTL-G2-BND3
    $2,689.00 $2,199.00
  • Keyline 106 Semi-Automatic Duplicator—for High Volume (KEYLINE)
    Item #: 1897
    Model: KLN-B106
  • Keyline 106-C Carbide Cutter Duplicator—for Steel Keys
    Item #: 8469
    Model: KLN-B106C
  • Keyline 303 High Security Duplicator
    Item #: 1983
    Model: KLN-B303
  • RY200 Universal Key Duplicating Machine w/ 4-Way Jaws (Rytan)
    Item #: 11077
    Model: RYT-RY200
  • Ilco Speed 044 Semi-Automatic Duplicator (ILCO)
    Item #: 7827
    Model: ILC-044SPD
  • Silca Bravo III Key Duplicator with EZ-Jaw (ILCO)
    Item #: 6468
    Model: ILC-BH0055
  • Silca Twister II High Security / Dimple Key Duplicator (ILCO)
    Item #: 6467
    Model: ILC-TWIST
  • Ilco Speed 045 Manual Duplicator (ILCO)
    Item #: 7828
    Model: ILC-045SPD
  • Ilco Flash 008 Semi-Automatic Mechanical Key Duplicator (ILCO)
    Item #: 13500
    Model: ILC-BB0035XXXX
  • Silca Duo Plus Duplicator Key Machine—CUTS STANDARD & FLAT STEEL! (ILC
    Item #: 11085
    Model: ILC-BH0058XXXX
  • Ilco Flash Mobile Semi-Automatic Key Duplicator—BATTERY OPERATED (ILCO)
    Item #: 14711
    Model: ILC-BB0037XXXX
  • 009B Tubular Key Machine (ILCO)
    Item #: 7954
    Model: ILC-009B-TUB
  • Condor XC-009 Semi-Automatic Key Duplicator—W/ BATTERY (XHS)
    Item #: 8828
    Model: XHS-XC0900EN
  • HPC Switch Blitz - Code Cutter & Duplicator in One (1233CMSB)
    Item #: 5130
    Model: HPC-1233CMSB
  • HPC Mini Speedex Mobile Manual Duplicator w/12V Motor (9120RMDC)
    Item #: 5135
    Model: HPC-9120RMDC
  • HPC Power Speedex Semi-Automatic Key Duplicator (9180MC)
    Item #: 5136
    Model: HPC-9180MC
  • Ilco Swift Plus Laser Duplicating Machine (ILCO)
    Item #: 9195
  • 3D ELITE SS Key Machine—Bundle #5—FREE Nomad Duplicator!
    Item #: 16506
    Model: LKP-2001-SS-BND5
    $7,240.00 $6,750.00
  • 3D XTREME "S4" High Security Key Machine—NEW! (Laser Key Product
    Item #: 4504
    Model: LKP-3DX-S4
  • CONDOR DOLPHIN XP-007 High Security Duplicator—BATTERY POWERED (XHorse)
    Item #: 10164
    Model: XHS-XP-007
  • CONDOR XC-002 Manual High Security Key Duplicator (XHorse)
    Item #: 7355
    Model: XHS-XC002
    $1,049.00 $985.00
  • JMA Vienna Semi-Automatic High-Volume Duplicator—Go Digital! (JMA)
    Item #: 2377
    Model: JMA-VIENNA110
  • JMA Vienna SMART Semi-Automatic High-Volume Duplicator (JMA)
    Item #: 14361
    $2,219.85 $1,649.00
  • JMA BERNA SIMPLY Semi-Automatic Key Duplicator—110V (JMA)
    Item #: 18353
  • JMA NEO High Security Laser Cut Duplicator (JMA)
    Item #: 18369
    Model: JMA-NEO
  • JMA NOMAD Semi-Automatic Key Duplicator (JMA)
    Item #: 11083
    Model: JMA-NOMAD
1–30 of 30 products


One of the most vital equipments for every locksmith is the Key Duplicator Machine. Every car or homeowner has certainly experienced being locked out and forgetting their keys without any spear. This is the common reason why locksmith services are essential. A Key Duplicating Machine is a tool used in key cloning or duplicating an existing key for various purposes. This equipment comes in handy in times of lockout, creating spare keys, upgrading security, and more. Here at American Key Supply, we carry the most refined Key Duplicating Machines from top brands in the industry, including Ilco, Keyline, Xhorse, HPC, Laser Key Products, JMA, and Xtool.

How Does Key Duplicating Machine Work?

The key duplication process is a simple yet crucial process to understand, especially for a locksmith. Technological advances have made things much more manageable through tools like key duplicators, which benefits everyone in the long run. Here's how the key duplicating machine works.

  • The first thing you have to do before operating the key duplicator is to ensure that you already have a blank key to clone the existing key
  • Place the key that you want to duplicate on the left side jaw, then the blank key on the right jaw, facing the blade. Ensure both are tightly snugged and aligned before powering on the machine.
  • Using the handle in front and the lever on the side, you simply trace the teeth and grooves of your existing key, and the blade will effectively replicate the current key to the blank key.
  • After running through the blade, put the replica against the brush to remove debris and rough polish edges. Then, position both keys side by side and see if it's accurately copied.


If done correctly, duplicating keys using key duplicator machines should only take a few minutes, depending on the key you are attempting to replicate.


Benefits of Using Key Duplicator Machine

These sophisticated machines are designed for locksmith professionals to make key copying as effortless as possible. Here are some of the benefits of owning a high-quality key duplicator machine.


Accuracy - Accuracy is crucial in duplicating keys. Key duplicator machines allow you to clone keys with great precision consistently.

Speed - The process of key cloning should be done within minutes if you're using a key duplicator machine. This saves you a ton of time and increases productivity.

Straightforward - Key Duplicators are designed with a direct mechanism. These machines are easy to operate and can be learned within minutes.

Versatile - Lastly, most key duplicator machines can work on all standard automotive, house, padlock, and high-security keys.


Where to Buy Key Duplicator Machines?

As one of the leading locksmith tools and supplies distributors, American Key Supply takes pride in providing only the best equipment you'll find in the industry. We carry a wide variety of standard quality manual, semi-automatic, and automatic key duplicators. These machines are handy for commercial, residential, and automotive key duplications. If you're looking for the highest quality yet affordable key duplicator machines, visit us at American Key Supply!


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