Milling Cutter

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  • Silca Flash 008 and Flash Mobile Replacement Milling Cutter Wheel (Ilco)
    Item #: 14296
    Model: ILC-BC0600XXXX
  • FP32 Cutter Disk for Nomad Key Duplicator Machine (JMA)
    Item #: 15930
    Model: JMA-FP32
  • HSS M35 60.3mm (100°) Angle Milling Cutter (RAISE)
    Item #: 13149
    Model: RSE-P-1051
  • HSS M35 60.4mm (80°) Angle Milling Cutter (RAISE)
    Item #: 10532
    Model: RSE-P-721
  • HSS M35 60.4mm (84°) Angle Milling Cutter (RAISE)
    Item #: 10531
    Model: RSE-P-1082
  • HSS M35 63mm (45°) Angle Milling Cutter (RAISE)
    Item #: 10542
    Model: RSE-P-1497
  • HSS M35 63mm (84°) Angle Milling Cutter (RAISE)
    Item #: 10534
    Model: RSE-P-1080
  • HSS M35 80mm (80°) Angle Milling Cutter (RAISE)
    Item #: 10537
    Model: RSE-P-1049
  • HSS M35 80mm (80°) Angle Milling Cutter (RAISE)
    Item #: 10538
    Model: RSE-P-1077
  • HSS M35 80mm (84°) Angle Milling Cutter (RAISE)
    Item #: 10708
    Model: RSE-P-1070
  • HSS M35-Coating 60.3mm (45°) Angle Milling Cutter (RAISE)
    Item #: 10527
    Model: RSE-P-4064
  • HSS M35-Coating 60.4mm (40°) Angle Milling Cutter (RAISE)
    Item #: 10528
    Model: RSE-P-3853
  • HSS M35-Coating 60mm (40°) Angle Milling Cutter (RAISE)
    Item #: 10526
    Model: RSE-P-1764
  • HSS M35-Coating 60mm (80°) Angle Milling Cutter (RAISE)
    Item #: 10530
    Model: RSE-P-1466
  • HSS M35-Coating 80mm (84°) Angle Milling Cutter (RAISE)
    Item #: 10535
    Model: RSE-P-1767
  • Solid Carbide 52mm (40°) Angle Milling Cutter (RAISE)
    Item #: 10544
    Model: RSE-P-3616
  • Solid Carbide 60mm (40°) Angle Milling Cutter (RAISE)
    Item #: 10525
    Model: RSE-P-983
  • Solid Carbide 60mm (80°) Angle Milling Cutter (RAISE)
    Item #: 10529
    Model: RSE-P-1769
  • Solid Carbide 63mm (70°) Angle Milling Cutter (RAISE)
    Item #: 10543
    Model: RSE-P-3752
  • Solid Carbide 63mm (84°) Angle Milling Cutter (RAISE)
    Item #: 10533
    Model: RSE-P-1695
  • Solid Carbide 63mm Side Milling Cutter (RAISE)
    Item #: 10539
    Model: RSE-P-756
  • Solid Carbide 80mm (80°) Angle Milling Cutter (RAISE)
    Item #: 10536
    Model: RSE-P-2028
  • Solid Carbide 80mm (84°) Angle Milling Cutter (RAISE)
    Item #: 10707
    Model: RSE-P-730
  • Universal Grade Carbide 2.0mm 3 Flutes End Mill Cutter for JMA/Silca (RAIS
    Item #: 10488
    Model: RSE-P-3699
  • 2.0mm Milling Cutter for Condor XC-Mini and Dolphin XP005/XP005L (XHorse)
    Item #: 16420
    Model: XHS-XCMN06EN
  • HSS M35 60.3mm (76°) Angle Milling Cutter for HPC (RAISE)
    Item #: 17377
    Model: RSE-P-1050
  • HSS 60.83mm (87°) Angle Milling Cutter for HPC (RAISE)
    Item #: 11065
    Model: RSE-P-907
  • HSS M35 60.3mm (90°) Angle Milling Cutter for HPC (RAISE)
    Item #: 11066
    Model: RSE-P-624
  • Set of 3 End Milling Cutter & 1 Tracer for Triton/Condor (RAISE)
    Item #: 11422
    Model: RSE-SET-4
  • Set of 5 Cutters for Silca Futura (RAISE)
    Item #: 11424
    Model: RSE-SET-7
  • Jet 7100-11MC Replacement Cutter for Ilco (Jet 7100-11MC)—CLOSEOUT!
    Item #: 3067
    Model: JET-7100-11MC
    $85.26 $69.99
  • 3D Xtreme Spare Cutter Wheel
    Item #: 2729
    Model: LKP-XT
  • Jet 7100-19MC Replacement Cutter for ILCO (Jet 7100-19MC)—CLOSEOUT!
    Item #: 3069
    Model: JET-7100-19MC
    $100.87 $69.99
  • HPC CW-1011 Cutter for HPC Key Machines (90º Small Cylinder)
    Item #: 4905
    Model: HPC-CW-1011
  • HPC CW-14MC Cutter for HPC Key Machines (100º Large Cylinder)
    Item #: 4904
    Model: HPC-CW-14MC
  • HPC CW-20FM Cutter for HPC Key Machines (76º Double Angle)
    Item #: 6245
    Model: HPC-CW-20FM
  • HPC CW-23MC Replacement Cutter for HPC 9160MC 9180MC
    Item #: 8366
    Model: HPC-CW-23MC
  • HPC CW-23RM Replacement Cutter for Mini Speedex 9120RM
    Item #: 5787
    Model: HPC-CW-23RM
  • HPC CW-47MC Cutter for HPC Key Machines (87º Automotive)
    Item #: 4906
    Model: HPC-CW-47MC
  • HPC CW-BC Cutter for HPC Key Machines (Slotter)
    Item #: 4907
    Model: HPC-CW-BC
1–40 of 40 products

Milling Cutters are an essential part of a key cutting machine, as these tools are responsible for the actual cutting that takes place to shape duplicate keys. While the wear and tear of these cutting tools are dependent on the application and frequency of usage, they will need to be replaced in the lifetime of your key cutting machine. That said, the effectiveness and efficiency of the user will greatly determine the lifespa of your milling cutters. 


What types of milling cutters are there?


Milling Cutters have a broad usage, even outside the realm of locksmiths. Each type specializes in cutting different surfaces to remove or shape materials. While Milling Machines are commonly found in machine shops that use a wide variety of Milling Cutters depending on their intended application. Here are some of the most common types of milling cutters.


Slab Mill - These types of milling cutters are primarily used for gang milling functions on flat or universal milling machines. Slab mills are also made from high-speed steel, which allows them to cut through large surfaces.


Angle Milling Cutter: Angle milling cutters are preferable to cut through metal and create notches. There are many types of angle milling cutters, including single cutter and double angle cutters. They’re also widely used for locksmith purposes.


End Mill Cutter: Endmills are commonly used for various milling applications, including profile, reaming, face, drilling, contouring, slotting, plunging, and tracer.


Hollow Mill: if you see a milling cutter that looks like a pipe, it's the type called Hollow Mill. It is mostly used for screw machines. 


Finding the suitable milling cutter


The purpose and functionality of a milling cutter doesn’t vary much when compared to each other. However, there are certain shapes, forms, and sizes that are more suitable for specific applications depending on your cutting needs. Different models of key cutting machines use specific blade wheels, making it crucial for you to find the right one to avoid purchasing something that won't fit your gear. Here are some of the key reminders for choosing the correct milling cutter.


  • There will be instances where similar models will be using a different cutting wheel. Ensure that you'll be purchasing the exact same size as your existing blade to avoid issues. 
  • Read the owner manual that comes with your key machine to see the listed part number to confirm the required specifications.
  • Avoid using a different cutting wheel that may cause malfunctions and keep your key cutting machine performing well.
  • Find a reliable key parts replacement supplier or manufacturer. Make sure they are an official distributor of the key machine brand you're currently selling or using.


Key features to look for milling cutters


There are standard measures that you'll need to go through before finding the right milling cutters for your machine. If you're looking to find the best-performing milling cutters, consider the following key features before making your purchase.


First is the build quality. You have to make sure that the milling cutter is made of high-quality materials capable of long-term wear and tear to ensure that you will have a smooth performance with fewer replacements over time. 


High-precision is crucial for every locksmith tool and certainly for milling cutters. You repeatedly want the same precise results towards duplicating and creating uniquely patterned keys for safety and work efficiency.


All the features won't matter if the milling cutter doesn't fit into your existing key cutting machine. Ensure that the key cutting wheel replacement suits your machine.


The reason for finding a replacement or buying new milling cutters is to improve your work efficiency as well as performance. In finding milling cutters, you have to consider choosing blades that will enhance your locksmithing.


Where can you buy milling cutters online?


Finding high-quality milling cutters online won’t be a problem when you shop with American Key Supply! Whether you're looking for an angled milling cutter, carbide mill cutter, or any other replacement key cutting wheels online, you can find them available on our website.


Aside from carrying an assortment of key machines and other locksmith tools, we ensure that we'll also never fall short on providing all of the replacement parts for brands like Ilco, Silca, Raise, Laser Key Products, HPC, and more! We want your locksmithing experience to always be smooth, whether it’s for business or pleasure. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out our selection of milling cutters today and order yours online here at American Key Supply!


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