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  • HPC Stamp Aligner - Perfect Key Stamping Every Time! (SA-7)
    Item #: 4534
    Model: HPC-SA-7
  • HPC Specialty Locksmith Stamp - DO NOT COPY (LDNC)
    Item #: 4536
    Model: HPC-LDNC
  • HPC Specialty Locksmith Stamp - DO NOT DUPLICATE (LDND)
    Item #: 4535
    Model: HPC-LDND
  • HPC Specialty Locksmith Stamp - MASTER (LMS)
    Item #: 4537
    Model: HPC-LMS
  • Steel Stamping Set—112-Pieces—1/8" #3 Size (YOUNG BROS)
    Item #: 7419
    Model: YNG-31129
  • Steel Stamping Set—112-Pieces—3/32" #2.5 Size (YOUNG BROS)
    Item #: 7418
    Model: YNG-21129
1–6 of 6 products

Organizing keys is time-consuming, especially if your keyring possesses the keys for multiple doors and locks. With that, locksmiths use the method of key stamping to ensure that each key is recognizable when necessary. 

Key stamping functions as an identification system that is most beneficial for large facilities, condos, and buildings. Browse our wide selection of top-quality key stamping tools here at American Key Supply today!


What is key stamping?

Key Stamping is an effective method of organizing a large number of keys. The process involves stamping a unique combination of numbers, letters, and special characters onto each key. Each code serves as an identifier that corresponds to the specific cut of the key, making it easy to match the key to its intended lock.


How is key stamping done?

The process of key stamping is performed by locksmiths using particular tools such as key stamp aligners, key stamp holders, key stamping machines, key stamp sets, and more. It can either be done automatically using a machine, or manually using a stamping tool and hammer. 

  • First, gather all the materials needed and the key blank you want to get stamped
  • Next, hold your key blank using an aligner, or simply position them inside the key stamping machine
  • Then, position the key stamp towards the key and simply apply pressure using a hammer tool or machine
  • Lastly, carefully inspect to see if the code is clearly visible on your key


Why is key stamping needed?

Key stamping solves the problem of keeping a large set of keys organized. With each unique code identification, you'll find it way easier to pick up the right key every time. Aside from organizing, key stamping is also an excellent security system for buildings, apartments, and many other applications by only allowing access to a particular set of keys to authorized personnel. Key stamping can also save you from future locksmith repair costs, replacements, and unnecessary downtime.


Is stamping the same as engraving?

While stamping and engraving are both marking methods for keys, they are different. Stamping involves denting the keys by applying force using a hammer, while engraving often requires an engraving tool to etch characters, numbers, or even figures onto the key. Stamping is a relatively faster and more cost effective solution, as it requires less sophisticated means to perform while still getting the job done.


What size stamps are needed for keys?

The stamp size will depend on the type of key you want to get stamped. Key stamps come in different sizes, including 1/8 inch for standard house keys and 1/4 inch stamp for relatively larger keys. For the best results, consult a professional locksmith.


What key stamp tools are available?

American Key Supply is a respected distributor of professional locksmith supplies in the United States. We offer a wide selection of key stamping tools to meet your locksmith needs alongside other professionals who have difficulty managing large sets of keys. Our selection includes the best tools, such as the HPC key stamp aligner, HPC specialty locksmith stamps, and a variety of key stamping sets. 


With American Key Supply, you know you have access to the right tools and equipment to handle your key stamping needs. Shop with us today and experience the convenience and reliability of stamped keys. 


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