Triton Key Cutter Machine

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  • Triton Key Cutting Machine—FACTORY UPGRADED And REFURBISHED
    Item #: 12215
    Model: LL-TRM1-RFB
    $3,950.00 $3,450.00
  • Triton Plus ULTIMATE Key Cutting Machine
    Item #: 15231
    EZ #: TPUE
    Model: LL-TPUE
  • Triton Plus ULTIMATE—Bundle #1—$700 in Free BlueRocket!
    Item #: 16488
    EZ #: TPUE
    Model: LL-TPUE-BND1
    $6,195.00 $5,495.00
  • Triton Plus ULTIMATE —Bundle #2—FREE Nomad Key Cutting Machine!
    Item #: 16489
    EZ #: TPUE
    Model: LL-TPUE-BND2
    $5,985.00 $5,495.00
  • Triton Plus ULTIMATE —Bundle #3—FREE Autel KM100!
    Item #: 16490
    EZ #: TPUE
    Model: LL-TPUE-BND3
    $5,994.00 $5,495.00
  • Triton Plus ULTIMATE —Bundle #4—FREE Key Tool Max + 40 Superchips!
    Item #: 16491
    EZ #: TPUE
    Model: LL-TPUE-BND4
    $6,009.60 $5,495.00
  • Triton Plus AUTOMOTIVE Key Cutting Machine
    Item #: 15229
    EZ #: TPAE
    Model: LL-TPAE
  • Triton Plus AUTOMOTIVE—Bundle #1—$600 in Free BlueRocket!
    Item #: 16497
    EZ #: TPAE
    Model: LL-TPAE-BND1
    $4,895.00 $4,295.00
  • Triton Plus AUTOMOTIVE—Bundle #2—$578 in FREE Accessories!
    Item #: 16498
    EZ #: TPAE
    Model: LL-TPAE-BND2
    $4,873.00 $4,295.00
  • Triton Plus AUTOMOTIVE—Bundle #3—FREE Nomad Duplicator!
    Item #: 16499
    EZ #: TPAE
    Model: LL-TPAE-BND3
    $4,785.00 $4,295.00
  • Triton Plus AUTOMOTIVE—Bundle #4—FREE Autel KM100!
    Item #: 16500
    EZ #: TPAE
    Model: LL-TPAE-BND4
    $4,794.00 $4,295.00
  • Triton Plus AUTOMOTIVE—Bundle #5—FREE Key Tool Max + 40 Superchips!
    Item #: 16501
    EZ #: TPAE
    Model: LL-TPAE-BND5
    $4,809.60 $4,295.00
  • Triton Plus COMMERCIAL Key Cutting Machine
    Item #: 15230
    EZ #: TPCE
    Model: LL-TPCE
  • Triton Plus COMMERCIAL—Bundle #1—$600 in Free BlueRocket!
    Item #: 16492
    EZ #: TPCE
    Model: LL-TPCE-BND1
    $4,895.00 $4,295.00
  • Triton Plus COMMERCIAL—Bundle #2—$557 in FREE Accessories!
    Item #: 16493
    EZ #: TPCE
    Model: LL-TPCE-BND2
    $4,852.00 $4,295.00
  • Triton Plus COMMERCIAL—Bundle #3—FREE Nomad Duplicator!
    Item #: 16494
    EZ #: TPCE
    Model: LL-TPCE-BND3
    $4,785.00 $4,295.00
  • Triton Plus COMMERCIAL—Bundle #4—FREE Autel KM100!
    Item #: 16495
    EZ #: TPCE
    Model: LL-TPCE-BND4
    $4,794.00 $4,295.00
  • Triton Plus COMMERCIAL—Bundle #5—FREE Key Tool Max + 40 Superchips!
    Item #: 16496
    EZ #: TPCE
    Model: LL-TPCE-BND5
    $4,809.60 $4,295.00
1–18 of 18 products

The Triton Key Machine by Locklabs truly sets the standard for locksmith technologies. It is an all-in-one key-cutting machine that boasts many features that a locksmith can't simply ignore. The Triton Key Machine is designed with the future in mind, delivering robust built construction for handling loads of work and advanced features for maximum output.


Its innate versatility makes Triton Key Machine ahead of its class. Whether you are a novice DIYer who doesn't have much experience using a key machine, or a skilled locksmith, Triton has something for you. 


These machines are explicitly built to simplify locksmithing for residential, commercial, and even automotive keys. Developed and supported by actual American locksmiths, you can rest assured that you'll be getting the most out of Triton's key machines.


Triton Key Machine Editions

Triton Key Machines are sold in different editions. Each package represents specific applications, including automotive, commercial, and the ultimate edition.


Triton Commercial Edition - The Triton Commercial Edition is explicitly meant for someone who will primarily use the key machine for residential and commercial purposes.


Triton Automotive Edition - The Triton Plus Automotive Edition includes additional jaw for tibbe keys, cutters for emergency keys, dimple keys, and edge-milled VW high-security keys. Modern automotive locksmiths ideally use this package.


Triton Ultimate Edition - As the name states, the Ultimate Edition does it all. Whether for commercial, residential, or automotive, this package is truly the most versatile triton key machine you'll find.


Features of Triton Key Machine

Triton Key Machine sets itself apart from other key machine alternatives through its sophisticated and unique features. Here are some of the most notable features to expect from the Triton Key Machine.


  • Triton Key Machine supports key cutting directly by code, primarily for automotive locksmith applications.
  • It contains a comprehensive database of automotive, commercial and residential keys.
  • The Triton Key Machine has a redesigned gear-driven motor for efficient locksmith operations.
  • Custom search functions through vehicle model, keyway, or IC number for convenient procedures.
  • It has an advanced key tracing feature that automatically allows known keyways to round off and meet original key specifications.
  • You can create custom key profiles that enable you to input any key's space, depth info, and tether.
  • The ultimate edition features a 12-volt power adapter that allows you to operate the key machine through your vehicle.
  • Fully integrated design and onboard storage for all cutting bits and tracers


Triton Key Machine Support

Triton provides excellent technical support for those inquiring about operating the key machine, upgrading software, and more. 


Where to Buy Triton Key Machine?

Triton Key Machine is truly a one-of-a-kind technology that took the locksmith industry by storm. As one of the leading lock, key, and locksmith accessory wholesalers, American Key Supply proudly carries a premium selection of packages from Triton.


Here, you'll find whatever you need for automotive, residential, and commercial purposes. So what are you waiting for? Come check out our multiple packages and selection of Triton Key Cutter Machines available in various editions at the most affordable prices.


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