Black Widow Warranty Information


American Key Supply warrants the Black Widow key machine in compliance with this certificate, in effect for 12 months from the date of purchase. In order to redeem the benefits provided to you by this warranty, a verifiable proof of purchase must be found. This warranty covers the free repair or replacement of any parts deemed faulty as a result of manufacturing defects.

This warranty does not cover:

  1. Damage or malfunctions caused by natural disasters or acts of God (lightning, fire, flood, earthquakes and other external causes)
  2. Theft, misplacement, reckless, abusive, willful or intentional conduct associated with handling and use of the Black Widow key machine
  3. Faulty installation, repair, or maintenance by anyone other than an authorized service provider
  4. Damage to or failure of unauthorized aftermarket upgrades or add-on accessories (This includes the electrical failure of the machine due to the use of inferior or inefficient power inverters)
  5. Consumer replaceable or consumable items, including but not limited to: cutting bits, tracers (decoders), T-wrenches (Allen wrenches), Allen-slotted threaded bolts, tip stop/calibration block, debris brush and AC power adapter
  6. Extreme environmental conditions (including extreme temperature or humidity) leading to problems such as external condensation, overheating and mold
  7. Usage outside of the permitted or intended uses, as described by the manufacturer
  8. Malfunctions caused by improper operation by machine operator
  9. Damage caused by insect infestation or rodents
  10. Covered products that have been reported as lost or stolen
  11. Any machine whose serial number has been altered, defaced or removed
  12. Any machine whose software has been modified or altered beyond the normal scope of use
  13. Damage that is secondary, or any damage that would be ordinarily covered under a primary insurance policy (e.g., car accident causes damage to the Black Widow key machine)
  14. Protection against any other act or result not covered by this plan
  15. Any resultant damage to the Black Widow key machine that arises from one or more conditions described above

Except for the above cases, all qualifying malfunctions are eligible for free service within the warranty period. To assure your request for service is handled efficiently, please contact American Key Supply customer service prior to sending in any product. We will issue you a Repair Authorization Form that must be included when shipping your product to us. Failure to do so will result in service delays.

Shipping and Handling Policy:

American Key Supply will contribute to the cost of shipping to and from our repair center, at our discretion, and only within the Continental United States. After preliminary assessment, if your machine malfunction is determined as uncoverable by this warranty, the entirety of all shipping costs will become your obligation. Failure to rectify any outstanding shipping or repair charges will result in return shipping delays.

How to Obtain Service and Support

You may obtain service by calling us at (800) 692-1898. Regular business hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time.

To receive service or support, you agree to comply with each of the terms listed below:

  1. You will provide a copy of this warranty and a copy of your purchase, exchange and service receipts, if requested
  2. You will provide, to the best of your ability, information about the symptoms and causes of your issues with the Black Widow key machine
  3. You will respond to requests for information, including but not limited to: your product serial number, version of the software installed, any peripheral devices connected or installed on the Black Widow key machine, any error messages displayed, the actions which were taken before the Black Widow key machine experienced the issue and the steps taken to attempt resolution of the issue
  4. You will follow instructions we give you, including but not limited to refraining from sending us products and accessories that are not subject to repair or replacement service (as listed above) and packing the Black Widow key machine in accordance with the shipping instructions we will provide to you upon service agreement
  5. Keep your original packaging! In the event your machine must be shipped to our repair facility, there is no safer method to ensure that the machine will arrive intact and undamaged, than if it ships in its original box with the original foam inserts. Damages incurred during shipping due to improper packaging will be the customer’s sole responsibility
  6. You will be required to sign a service order disclaimer or other service order terms to obtain repairs or a replacement device. This service order disclaimer or other service order terms do not form a part of this warranty, and are a separate legal document
  7. After securing permission to send in your machine, please insert your completed Repair Authorization Form inside the box and ship to: Lock Labs Warranty and Repair Center, 5275 S Arville Street Ste 328, Las Vegas, NV 89118