PenLoader Application List

Make Model Years ECU Location Red Blue
Acura NSX 1997-2004 Attached to Steering Column    
RL 1997-2002 Attached to Steering Column    
Honda Prelude 1996-2004 Attached to Steering Column    
Lexus ES300 1998-2003 Behind Glove Box    
ES330 2004 Behind Glove Box    
GS300 1998-2004 Under Hood (Driver's Side)   1998-2003
GS400 1998-2000 Under Hood (Driver's Side)    
GS430 2001-2003 Under Hood (Driver's Side)    
GX470 2003-2004 Behind Instrument Cluster    
IS300 2001-2003 Under Hood (Driver's Side)    
LS400 1997 Behind Glove Box   Exp Board
LS400 1998-2000 Behind Glove Box    
LS430 2001-2004 Above Navigation System    
LX470 1998-2004 Behind Glove Box   2001-2002
RX300 1999-2003 Behind Glove Box    
RX330 2004 Above Center Dash    
SC300 1998-2000 Below Glove Box (Under Carpet)    
SC400 1998-2000 Below Glove Box (Under Carpet)    
SC430 2002-2003 Behind Instrument Cluster    
Saab 93 2003-2009 Behind Glove Box   Exp Board
Toyota 4-Runner 1998-2004 Behind Glove Box   1998-2002
Avalon 1998-2003 Behind Glove Box    
Camry 1998-2009 Behind Glove Box    
FJ Cruiser       Exp Board
Highlander 2001-2003 Behind Glove Box    
Landcruiser 1998-2004 Behind Glove Box   1998-2002
MR2 2001-2003 Behind Glove Box    
Prius 2001-2004 Under Dashboard (Above Column)   2001-2003
RAV4 2002-2003 Behind Glove Box    
Sequoia 2001+ Behind Glove Box, Behind Cluster (03+)    
Sienna 1998-2004 Behind Glove Box, Above Center Dash (04+)   1998-2003
Solara 1998-2004 Behind Glove Box    
Additional Functions
Description Red Blue
Restore Last Reflashed File Saved to Backup Slot    
Save Up to 4 Customer Files   Exp Board
Reflash Toyota/Lexus 16-Bit with Already Working Keys (requires pre-cloned key)   Exp Board
Extract and display existing key values from 16-bit Lexus/Toyota models    
Read PIN for all GM models using HU100-style remote head key    
Read PIN for Fiat models made for US market    
Read PIN for Saab models    
Read PIN from Dodge Caravan 20XX-20XX    
Read PIN from Jeep Liberty 2006    
Read PIN from Nissan/Infiniti models between 2005-2008    
Read PIN from Nissan/Infiniti models between 2009-2012    
Read PIN from VW Beetle 2000+    
Read PIN from Isuzu Axiom/Rodeo 2003-2005    
Read PIN from all Type 1 Chryslers    
Restore non-transponder file after accidentally reflashing a to non-transponder Toyota/Lexus model. Also can disable transponder system for Toyota Camry 2002-2005 (see user manual for specific years and models).   Exp Board
Update Smart Key Proximity ID box when locked   Exp Board
Replace data with all FF values (for testing)   Exp Board
Replace data with all 00 values (for testing)   Exp Board
Display PenLoader Serial Number & Power Level    
Add Additional Files / Programs   Exp Board
Update firmware via connection to PC