We Are AutoProPAD BASIC And So Should You

By: Mo Ali

Meet Becky. Becky is 23 years old and hails from Santa Monica, California. Becky wears Uggs with yoga pants and lives for pumpkin spice latte season. Becky keeps up with the Kardashians and thinks everything is “like, literally amazing.”  Becky is basic.


Now meet the AutoProPAD BASIC.

It too, is basic, but has very little in common with Becky. For example, the AutoProPAD BASIC is the latest in a line of automotive transponder programmers from XTool USA, while Becky is (mostly) a human being. The goal of the BASIC is to give automotive locksmiths a quality programming option at a price point typically reserved for lesser programmers. Now there’s no reason to compromise. For less than what you’d normally pay for a knockoff, button-operated programmer, you can own a modern, robust programmer that is sold and supported right here in the USA by American locksmiths. Looks like it’s time for an infographic chart thingie:



The AutoProPAD BASIC has the same transponder programming capabilities as the LITE, but with a simplified delivery method. The LITE has a Bluetooth VCI Box that connects to the vehicle’s OBD port, which leaves you free to pace madly around the vehicle you’re programming all while keeping the tablet in-hand. The BASIC has a hard-wired connection from the tablet to the OBD port (like the full) which means you’ll have to hang out inside the vehicle while waiting for programming to complete. No biggie though, just light up a cigarette —I doubt your customer will mind. Also, the BASIC comes in a pretty, blue box but does not have the same hard-shell storage case as the LITE or the FULL. You guys probably end up letting your programmers ride shotgun because who has time to put things in their proper storage containers anyway, right? RIGHT? The BASIC comes with a standard OBD2 dongle and not any of the other weird ones that you’ll probably never get around to using (looking at you Nissan 14-pin OBD1 connector).

For the most part, the BASIC is just about every bit as good as the LITE but nowhere near as comprehensive as the full, which does transponder key precoding and EEPROM reflashing. You’ll get the same one full year of updates and technical support, as is standard with every AutoProPAD programmer. Keep in mind that no compromises in quality were made to achieve this lower price point. The BASIC enjoys the same rugged design you’ve come to expect from XTool USA. It has the same suite of OBD programming software as the LITE and shares the same update cycle as well as the same high level of technical support.

So now it’s time to embrace the immortal words of Brad Pitt from the movie Se7en and answer your most pressing question….

Spoiler alert: It’s not a human head.

We’ll begin by looking at the beautiful exterior. Have you ever seen such wow on a box before?

Let’s crack this bad boy open.

Box contents in no particular order: (1) AutoProPAD BASIC transponder programmer (1) serial port connector (1) OBD2 adapter (1) micro USB cable (1) AC to DC wall adapter (1) freedom port adapter (1) vastly inferior European power adapter (1) registration card (1) rubbery foam thingie

I plugged it in so you can see what it looks like when it is plugged in.





Q) What’s the difference between the AutoProP...


Q) How much is the AutoProPAD BASIC?

A) $799.00 - CHECK IT OUT HERE

Q) When will the AutoProPAD BASIC be in stock?

A) It should be available to ship by the end of this week.

Q) Can I have one for free?

A) Yes. The process is easy. I will wire you $15,000 and you can use a portion of it to buy yourself an AutoProPAD BASIC and then we can split the remaining balance. However, I will need you to send me an $800 processing fee in advance, in order to cover the accounting costs.

Q) Does this machine come with a warranty?

A) All AutoProPAD products come with a 1-year warranty that protects against malfunctions and defects. Physical damage is not covered, obviously. All warranty issues are handled right here in the USA.

Q) What is “Mo” short for?

A) Mooooooooooooooooo

Q) Who is the greatest automotive locksmith on Earth?

A) That’s easy. Brandon “The Saint” Tucker out of Warrior, Alabama. He smells like freshly welded steel and oak trees. Legend has it that he can reflash an ECU with a mere glance and a nod. Shrek from Diagnostic Auto Lab is a close second. Unfortunately, Stephen Hoffman from PAL of Northern Colorado is also on that list, and I say unfortunately because he’s probably going to send me screenshots of this compliment whenever we have a disagreement. Not so coincidentally, all three will be in the American Key Supply booth at ALOA this August. Come say hi to us and hope to absorb even a fraction of their infinite wisdom.

From left to right: Shrek, Brandon “The Saint” Tucker, Stephen “The Hoff” Hoffman.