10 Year Keycoin Platinum Software Subscription — 2nd Machine

Console Serial #
  • Item #: 10687
  • Model: KLN-PLATINUM-2
  • Manufacturer: Keyline


The power and precision of Keyline electronic key cutting machines are managed by Liger, the Keyline software designed and developed completely by the company's R&D department.

Liger is a software created around the needs of the user that makes the operations and functions of the machines clear and immediate. All operations, even the most complex, become simple and intuitive, saving time and increasing productivity.

Thanks to approximately ten updates per year, Liger software makes the operation of Keyline electronic key cutting machines even more efficient. Complete and dedicated to users' needs, updates can be accessed through an annual subscription. New and optional accessories, a growing key database, new cutting systems, a user-friendly interface with new advanced functions, profiled personal area supplied with new and dedicated exclusive materials  ... these are some of the many innovations of which you can benefit from the annual Keyline Liger software subscription!

*Requires Console Serial # (Separate from Machine Serial #)

*Dropship only. Dropship fees may apply.