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2017 Automotive Lock-Out Manual—Book Format (Access Tools)

  • Item #: 1707
  • Model: AT-MS-2017
  • Manufacturer: Access Tools


Access Tools New Manual contains over 600 pages of information for nearly every vehicle since 1979 including all of the new changes for 2017 vehicles. Its New Index Based System gives the car opening professional more openings with less wasted space. For those on-the-road openings, these manuals will make the job faster and more accurate.

Of course, like previous years, Access Tools manuals will always contain the company's state of the art computer generated diagrams, and clear, concise photos of the inside of the vehicle door, along with a variety of alternative openings to make the car opening job faster and more profitable.

Point blank, the car opening professionals have more information than ever in one compact easy to carry book. Our new manual is leaner, lighter, and stronger, but not at the expense of quality or quantity of information.

HAccess Tool's completely redesigned Car, Van, SUV, and Heavy Truck Opening Manual is all new for 2017. This fresh-from-scratch manual is printed on thinner and yet stronger paper with a special binding that will hold up to daily use and abuse.

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