3D ELITE / XTREME Cutter for Lexus 80K-Series (LKP2014-TR0.0625)

  • Item #: 3864
  • Model: LKP-2014
  • Manufacturer: Laser Key Products


If you plan on cutting the newest Lexus 80K-series emergency keys, you'll need this cutter. Note that this cutter does not include the shim needed to hold the key in place when the bottom of the key has already been cut away. Please purchase the shim separately.


*This cutter only fits the 3D Elite and 3D Xtreme/S.

**Will not fit any other machine.

lkp_3dpro_cutter_80k LKP1009 LKP-1009 LKP2014 LKP-2014

TR 0.0625

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