A1 Pak-A-Punch Bench Mount (Mostly Used fr GM Z-Keyway) (PK6-BM)

  • Item #: 3232
  • Model: A1-PK6-BM
  • Manufacturer: A1 Security


  • General Motors's late-model Z keyways require more punching force than traditional automotive key blanks.
  • In order to punch this key blank with your PAK-A-PUNCH, A1 has developed a bench mount that provides all the leverage and cutting power you'll need.
  • A1's Bench Mount may be used with all PAK-A-PUNCH models.
  • Simply remove the existing pivot handle, insert the machine into your Bench Mount and you'll be cutting keys with less effort than ever ever before.
  • A1's Quickchange Kit with the Bench Mount is available as a set (#PK6-SET) at substantial savings.
  • Because ot the force required to punch this key, it is strongly recommended that the Quickchange Kit not be used without the Bench Mount.

A1 Pak-A-Punch 2010 Application Guide

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