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A1 Pak-A-Punch THE GRAND SLAM Completion Set (PAK-MS6)

  • Item #: 1180
  • Model: A1-PAK-MS6
  • Manufacturer: A1 Security
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Includes the PAK-90V (Volkswagen Punch/Die Set), PAK-90 (90˚ Punch), and components of the following PAK Kits:

  • C1: Chrysler Y149/Y152
  • C3: Chrysler Y154
  • C4: Chrysler DC1/DC3
  • F2: Ford Aspire H70
  • F4: Ford H50/H51
  • G2: GM B68/B84
  • G3: Cadillac Catera HU46T2
  • G6: GM/Suzuki B69/B74/SUZ17
  • G11: Saturn B88
  • G04: GM/Mitsubishi/Suzuki B65, MIT1, SUZ15
  • H2: Honda HD90
  • HY1: Hyundai HY2
  • HY2: Hyundai HY12
  • HY3: Hyundai HY6/HY14
  • HY4: Hyundai HY13
  • HY5: Hyundai HY4
  • MZ1: Mazda/Ford MZ19/MZ27/H65
  • MZ2: Mazda/Ford MZ13/MZ16/H59
  • T3: Toyota/GM TR33/T61C/B56
  • V1: VW/Audi PA8/V35/V37
  • VL1: Volvo VL6/VL8

Does NOT include the PAK-3T.

Pak-A-Punch Demonstration

Cut and Die Change Locksmith Instructional Video

A1 Pak-A-Punch 2010 Application Guide

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