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A1 Precision Ace Tubular Pick - OFFSET (A-Pick Offset)

  • Item #: 504
  • Model: A1-20X
  • Manufacturer: A1 Security
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Open left & right offset & 8-pin center. Includes decoder.

A-1's Tubular Picks have been the standard in the industry for decades & are based on the original design by Max Brand.

The distinguishing characteristic of A-1's Picks is tension.

The optimum tension is achieved by a delicate balance of materials and proper factory adjustment. When you first receive your Pick, the fingers may seem slightly stiff; this stiffness gives our picks superior performance and enables you to master the art with ease. Made in the USA.

A-1's Tubular Picks will give you years of reliable service.


Do not lubricate your lock. If at all possible, reposition the lock so it is pointing upwards towards the sky.

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