Adv Diag ADS190SD Hyundai/Kia 2007+ Pin Code for Smart Dongle

MVP / T-Code Serial #
Smart Dongle Serial #
  • Item #: 6188
  • Model: AD-ADS190SD
  • Manufacturer: Advanced Diagnostics


This will pull the VIN from the car, analyze, and spit out a PIN code. Covers all Hyundais and Kias after 2007.

If you own a Smart Dongle, you should be purchasing the software upgrade ADS190SD. If you don't have a Smart Dongle, purchase the ADC190 dongle.

*Dropship only. Dropship fees may apply.

ADC190 ADC-190 ADS190 ADS-190 ADS190SD ADS-190SD ADS-190-SD ADS190-SD


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