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Advanced Diag ADS198SD Nissan BCM/PIN for Smart Dongle

  • Item #: 5965
  • Model: AD-ADS198SD
  • Manufacturer: Advanced Diagnostics
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MVP / T-Code Serial #
Smart Dongle Serial #



Now you don't have to use your PC or key code broker when converting the BCM Code to a PIN on Nissan products. All the same information as found on the Nissan Super Code on disk, and now the convenience of having it on our TCODE PRO or MVP PRO.

This new & improved Pin Code reading dongle will convert the 5 digit BCM label numbers to a 4 digit Pin Code on Nissan / Infiniti vehicles from 2004-2012. The ADC-198 Dongle will give both old and new PIN Code for any given BCM.

The ADC-176 (Nissan Supercode dongle) has been discontinued and is no longer available. No exchanges involving the ADC-176 will be offered.

After you receive the ADC-198 Dongle, you will need to update your  machine to activate it. TCODE or MVP Machines must be Pro Level and have the Security Smartcard System enabled. No tokens are deducted when using the ADC-198 Dongle. Each ADC-198 Dongle is assigned to a single TCODE Pro or MVP Pro Machine and cannot be used with other devices.

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