Advanced Diagnostics Smart Dongle for TCode/MVP Pro

  • Item #: 5019
  • Model: AD-ADC240
  • Manufacturer: Advanced Diagnostics


The Advanced Diagnostics Smart Dongle for the TCode and MVP Pro has arrived. Use one dongle all the time, and avoid swapping or misplacing dongles.  And soon, you'll be able to pre-code your VW keys without needing to buy the AD900 cloner.

Advanced Diagnostics Smart Dongle Features:

  • Replaces all dongles (except dongle B for old Nissan/Infiniti OBD1 vehicles), including the specialty Nissan and Hyundai/Kia Dongles (requires separate software purchase for these specialty dongle features). The Smart Dongle will auto-detect the necessary dongle every time.
  • Automates the smart card procedure eliminating the need for the smart card kit.
  • With the Smart Aerial adapter (coming soon) the Smart Dongle will allow for the pre-coding of keys for Volkswagen, Fiat, BMW and more. No need to purchase a $2000 cloner you don't need anymore!
  • With the Smart EEPROM cable (coming soon) the Smart Dongle will be able to read EEPROM data to generate transponders and read pin codes.
  • Built with the future in mind, the Smart Dongle has expansion ports and will be adaptable to future releases and industry needs.

ADC-240 Super Dongle


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