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AEZ Flasher—J2534 and Flash Programming at it's Best!

  • Item #: 3714
  • Model: AE-AEZ
  • Manufacturer: AE Tools
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The AEZ Flasher is the ultimate interface for communicating with newer automobiles, heavy-duty trucks, and CAN networks. It has both Ethernet and USB PC connectivity, a built-in operating system for running internal programs, protocol support for all modern vehicles, and six analog inputs. No other J2534 tool on the market has the performance and capabilities of the AEZ Flasher.

Upgradeable thru firmware updates via USB.

BUS Protocols:

  • CAN/ISO 15765/GMLAN
  • 2nd CAN (Dual or Single Wire)
  • Ford SCP (J1850PWM)
  • GM Class2 (J1850VPW)
  • WP2000 (ISO9141/14230)
  • Chrysler SCI (J2610)

PC Interfaces:

  • USB (ruggedized)


  • Compliant to SAE J2534 (Feb 2002) and SAE J2534-1 (Dec 2004)
  • Compliant to ISO 22900-1 MVCI physical layer
  • Programming voltage on J1962 pin 6, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, or Aux
  • General purpose analog inputs (0-27V, 2Ksps, 12-bit)
  • Ground pins 9, 12, or 15
  • Internal Compact Flash slot (must be configured when ordering)
  • Optional external Compact Flash slot


  • J2534 Independent Repair Facility reprogramming tool
  • Bench-top ECU reprogramming
  • In-Vehicle ECU reprogramming
  • OBD2 Diagnostics using PCMSCAN and other 3rd party applications
  • In-vehicle pass-thru data logging
  • Standalone data logging or monitoring
  • Fleet or public transportation data acquisition
  • OEM Engineering
  • OEM calibration reprogramming
  • End-of-Line testing
  • Dealer Service Tools
  • 3rd party integrated solutions
  • Specialized customers
  • Volvo key, remote, module & computer programming
  • Can interface with the following software for module reprogramming and key reprogramming (available thru individual sources):
    • Techstream Light
    • TIS 2 Web
    • Ford FMP
    • Tech Authority
    • Honda Web Site
    • Kia Web Site
    • Hyundai Web Site
    • J2534 DVD App
    • 3G Online
    • VIDA
    • Jag/Landrover IDS
    • VW Web Site
    • Mitsubishi Web Site
    • Nissan NERS
  • Customer Software Coming Soon
  • Also allows for remote software transfer from AE's office directly to your car via network streaming!

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