Arrow S1250 48" Rim Panic/Exit Device—ALUMINUM (ARROW)

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  • Item #: 7189
    Model: ARR-S1250-48.AL
  • Manufacturer: Arrow Lock


The Arrow S1250 Rim Exit Device offers a reliable and dependable solution at a price you can afford.

Certification & Compliance:

  • ANSI/BHMA A156.3, Grade 1
  • ANSI A117.1 Accessibility Code
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL and CUL) listed for accident hazard (panic) standard
  • Fire Exit hardware for wood doors, listed up to 1-1/2 hour, B label doors
  • Complies with life safety code NFPA 101
  • Complies with fire door and window code NFPA80
Chassis & Cover Non-ferrous alloy
End Caps Metal
Doors 1-3/4" thick wood or hollow metal
4-1/2" minimum stile
4-5/8" for fire-labeled devices
Handing Reversible
Dogging Allen-type key standard, cylinder available
3/4" throw, stainless steel
Throughbolts Order separately
Rail Assembly Steel
Rail Size Furnished standard for doors up to 36", can be cut down to accommodate 32" doors
Data Sheet Download

Available Trim:

Type Function Keyway Part Number
Lever Storeroom Arrow SRX82-AR
Schlage (C) SRX82-CS
SFIC (Less Cylinder) SRX82-IC
Classroom Arrow SRX87-AR
Schlage (C) SRX87-CS
SFIC (Less Cylinder) SRX87-IC
Knob Storeroom Arrow BD12-AR
Schlage (C) BD12-CS
SFIC (Less Cylinder) BD12-IC
Classroom Arrow BD17-AR
Schlage (C) BD17-CS
SFIC (Less Cylinder) BD17-IC
Plate Blank Plate n/a SF01
Dummy Pull n/a SF02
Storeroom Arrow SF12-AR
Schlage (C) SF12-CS
SFIC (Less Cylinder) SF12-IC


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