AutoProPAD 30-Day-Lapse Reactivation Fee (XToolUSA)

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  • Item #: 8892
  • Manufacturer: XToolUSA


The AutoProPAD Subscription (#8084) is required to be included in the purchase of this item. This cannot be purchased by itself.

Your AutoProPAD includes a free year of unlimited updates. When your subscription ends, you can continue to use your unit like normal, but any new updates will not be available to download. Technical support is only available to users with an active subscription. Please note that when your subscription ends, you will have 30 days to renew it.

If you fall outside of a subscription for more than 30 days, upon renewal you will be charged this $150 reactivation fee. At $600/year, or $50/month, it's silly to not just keep your subscription active.

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