AutoSmart Advisor App—1 Year Subscription

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  • Item #: 13600
  • Manufacturer: Michael Hyde


This is an annual subscription to access AutoSmart Advisor App on a mobile device.
Apple iOS
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Google Android
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  • Access from almost any smartphone using Apple iOS or Google Android
  • Finger Friendly for your smartphone
  • Get the info to do the job - quickly!
  • A handy tool to have in your toolbox
  • Regular automatic updates
AutoSmart is the most comprehensive and popular automotive locksmith book in history. Acclaimed expert Michael Hyde again makes history with AutoSmart Advisor software for the Smartphone!
You'll have instant access to information, and best of's amazingly easy to use.
Because it's from the creator of AutoSmart you get all methods to make the first key, plus:
  • Code series
  • Key machine set up information
  • Tumbler chart
  • Information on ignition retainers
  • Progressioning
  • Airbags
  • Code locations
  • Key silhouettes
  • Transponders
  • Valet keys
  • All part numbers and model notes
  • Make your own user notes.
AutoSmart Advisor does everything instantly and accurately. Now your smartphone is the best automotive tool you own!
It would be too difficult to try and remember every tidbit about every car, when you could just reach for the AUTOSMART!
This is for a 1 year subscription with automatic updates.
Requires iPhone or Android Smartphone with a live data connection.
Supported Apps for Apple iOS and Google Android.
After purchase, you will receive an email with your log-in details for the app.
Software subscriptions are restricted to North American customers only.
You will receive a separate email concerning your new log-in details or your renewal information.
*Please note: 
US & Canada locksmiths only, other IP's are blocked because of hackers.
Limited to 25 searches per day
The software is designed for the individual locksmith only
Additional proof may be required, such as a Business License, or Locksmith License, Locksmith School Certificate and a photo ID, or any other document proving that the user is in the legal business of making keys to vehicles.

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