BMW Force Tool and FREE HU92 Genuine Lishi (DIAGSPEED)

  • Item #: 10963
  • Manufacturer: Diagspeed


FREE Genuine Lishi HU92 Direct Read Decoder (Gen. 2) included!
BMWFORCETOOL is the first tool to work with CAS4, FEM, BDC, and new "G" Systems.
**No computer required**
BMWFORCETOOL works on all BMW based systems including Rolls Royce.
Able to turn on Circuit 15. Safely works on BMW electric vehicles as well.
Access to trunk and disabling alarms is possible with one simple button push. Trunk button will be accessible.
  1. Plug into OBD2 port and wait for communication light
  2. Press Red button
  3. Press Unlock button twice
  4. Now press Trunk button


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