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CHRYSLER 1990+ 7-Cut (Y154 / Y155) EEZ Reader (Y154)

  • Item #: 2281
  • Model: EEZ-Y154
  • Manufacturer: EEZ Reader
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EEZ Readers are the simplest method for decoding your customer's locks. Just insert the decoder and take your readings! Read the Intro to EEZ Readers.

This Chrysler 7-Cut EEZ Reader is designed to decode all North American Chrysler locks starting with the single-sided system found in the 1989 Spirit and Acclaim models. In 1990, Briggs & Stratton (now Strattec) introduced the double-sided system into the Chrysler line. The EEZ Y154 will read all locks except the 1993 trunk lock. In this case, there is a ward in the lock profile that the tool will not pass. However, you do not need to read the trunk in 1993. You can decode the entire system by using alternative locks such as ignition and door. Read the User Manual for This Model

Keyways: Y154
Applications: All Chrysler Locks 1990-94
Spirit & Acclaim 1989
Locks: All Locks (Except Trunk 1993)
Codes: F00000-F13940
HPC Card: X59


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