CN1 Clonable Transponder Chips (for Cloning 4C Chips)

  • Item #: 4591
  • Model: BRK-CHP-CN1
  • Manufacturer: BlueRocket


The US1 cloning chip is similar to/interchangeable with the CN1 but better quality and with a wider range. They can be used to clone any Texas Instruments 4C chip.

Please note that at the moment, these chips are only supported by a small number of cloning machines such as the KeyLogic US900. These will not work with your JMA TRS-5000, Keyline 884, or Advanced Diagnostics AD900.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are hearing reports that CN1 and CN2 chips are not sending a strong enough signal for some Fords. In a similar way that Ford uses glass chips in their H72 (4C) and H86 (4D-60) keys, you may need to use glass TPX chips instead of black wedge style CN chips for some Fords. Please be prepared and keep some TPX chips in stock.


TRA-AT101, HH30408006

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