Emergency Response Kit (Access Tools)

  • Item #: 1679
  • Model: AT-ERK
  • Manufacturer: Access Tools


Deluxe soft case, super Air jack, One Hand Jack, super One Hand Jack, Glass Man, rubber wedge, Remote control button master-II, Mighty Max 2 piece long reach tool, flexible long reach tool.

Our Emergency Response Kit has all the tools that you need to get into any vehicle on the road in an emergency situation. Sometimes there just isn't enough time to use the in the door tools, because an emergency, such as a child stuck in a hot car, does not allow for conventional openings.

This set has everything you need to avoid breaking windows and damaging vehicles in a situation where windows will generally be broken if necessary. It includes a soft sided carrying case to keep all lockout tools secured in one place. It also includes the Super Air Jack Air Wedge, The Access Tools One Hand Jack for easy insertion of the air wedge.

Includes: Snap-N-Lock Long Reach Tool
Flex Max
Button Master
Super One-Hand Jack Tool
One-Hand Jack Tool
Super Air Wedge
Glassman Wedge
Button Strip Tool
Instructional DVD
Quick One-Hand Jack Manual
Heavy Duty Carrying Case

The unusual dimensions of this product require that we ship it via USPS.  If you require a different shipping method, please contact your Sales Rep.  Additional charges may apply.

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