Extra Heavy-Duty Grade 1 Closer ALUMINUM—Repl LCN-4040 (STANLEY)

  • Item #: 7674
  • Model: STN-QDC111-689
  • Manufacturer: Stanley


Perfect Replacement for LCN 4040 Series Commercial Closer

Stanley's closers are fully adjustable (1-6) out of the box so they will meet all your building requirements. And Stanley closers have back check and delayed action built into the same closer which means you don't have to settle for half a solution. All closers also feature standard tri-packed arms to enable regular, top jamb and parallel arm mountings, and all closers meet or exceed ANSI Grade 1 standards.


  • Tested to significantly exceed the performance requirements for Grade 1 certification.
  • Fully adjustable from 1-6 allowing for maximum flexibility.
  • Delayed Action and Backcheck are standard in the same door closer body.
  • All weather oil insures optimal operational performance in multiple weather conditions.
  • Barrier free optional.


  • Handing - All QDC100 series door closers are non-handed. (QDC116 arms are handed)
  • Cast iron construction.
  • Staked valves prevent oil leaks from screws being backed out too far.
  • Cover - plastic cover standard.
  • Arm Material - Heat treated carbon steel.
  • Arms & Brackets - Tri-pack standard, additional arms optional.
  • Arm Material - Heat treated carbon steel.
  • Springs - High impact hand drawn steel wires.
  • Pinions - Heat treated chrome molybdenum steel.
  • Cylinder construction - Heat treated free-cutting carbon steel.
  • Fasteners - Wood and machine screws standard; Sex nuts and self tapping screws optional.
Model Stanley QDC111
Function Tri-Packed Arm (Non-Handed)
Finish 689 (Painted Aluminum, US28)
Certification ANSI/BHMA A156.4 Series—Grade 1
ANSI A117.1 Accessibility Code (ADA Compliant)
UL/cUL Listed (3-Hour) for Self-Closing
UL10c Positive Pressure Rated
UL10b Pressure Rated
Warranties Lifetime Mechanical
3-Year Finish
Size & Construction Door Weights & Sizes: 1-6 Standard
Handing: Non-Handed
Closer Material: Cast-Iron
Piston Diamter: 1-1/2"
Pinion Shaft Diameter & Construction: 17.9mm Cold Forged - Large Teeth
Main Arm Material: Forged Steel
Regulating Valves: V-Slot
Pressure Relief Valves: No
Valve Adjustment: Hex Key
Backcheck: Yes
Closer Fluid: All-Weather
Installation Metal & Wood Fasteners: Yes
Plastic Cover: Yes
Door Weights & Sizes
  1. 33-55 lbs weight; 32"-28" width
  2. 56-99 lbs weight; 36"-32" width
  3. 99-143 lbs weight; 42"-36" width
  4. 143-187 lbs weight; 48"-42" width
  5. 187-264 lbs weight; 54"-48" width
  6. 264-330 lbs weight; 58"-54" width
    50% spring power adjustment over size 6
Replaces LCN 4040
Yale 4400-Series
Falcon SC70-Series
Hager 5100-Series
Dorma 8900-Series


Product Comparison

Certification Stanley QDC111 LCN 4040
ANSI/BHMA Certified Grade 1 Yes Yes
UL 3-Hour Fire Rated Yes Yes
UL 10B Yes No
UL 10C Yes Yes
ADA Compliant Yes Yes
Warranty Stanley QDC111 LCN 4040
Finish Warranty 3-Year None
Mechanical Warranty Lifetime 30-Year
Size & Construction Stanley QDC111 LCN 4040
Door Weights & Sizes 1-6 Standard 1-6 Standard
Handing Non-Handed Non-Handed
Closer Material Cast-Iron Cast-Iron
Piston Diameter 1-1/2" 1-1/2"
Pinion Shaft Diameter & Construction 17.9mm Cold Forged—Large Teeth 15.9mm Broached—Small Teeth
Main Arm Material Forged Steel Forged Steel
Regulating Valves V-Slot V-Slot
Pressure Relief Valves No No
Valve Adjustment Hex Key Hex Key
Backcheck Yes Yes
Closer Fluid All Weather All Weather
Installation & Finishes Stanley QDC111 LCN 4040
Finishes 689, 690, 696 689, 690, 691, 693, 695, 696
Special Rust Inhibitor (SRI) Optional Optional
Metal & Wood Fasteners Yes Yes
Self-Drilling & Tapping Fasteners Optional Optional
Plastic Cover Yes Yes
Metal Cover Optional Optional
Options Stanley QDC111 LCN 4040
Heavy Duty Arms Yes Yes
Delayed Action Yes Yes
Thru-Bolts Yes Yes
Tri-Pack Arms Yes Yes
Price $97.50 $250.00


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