Ford 2012-2019 4-Btn Remote Head Key (OUC6000022) (BRK)

  • Item #: 2740
  • Model: BRK-RH-FOR-02
  • Manufacturer: BlueRocket


Works on the Following Models:
Ford C-Max 2013-2019
Ford Escape 2013-2019
Ford Focus 2012-2019
Ford Focus SE/SEL 2012-2014
Ford Transit 2014
Ford Transit Connect 2014-2019
Buttons: Lock
OEM Part Number(s): 164-R8046
Replaces: Strattec 5921709
Ford MCM5A 15K601 AA
FCC ID: OUCD6000022
IC: 850K-D6000022
Chip: Tex 4D-63 80-Bit
Frequency: 315 MHz
Battery: CR2032
Test Key: HU101
Code Series: 1-1706X
Reusable: Yes



WARNING:Please note that unlike the more expensive Strattec brand, the remote portion of all aftermarket Ford remote head keys such as this key does not program along with the chip using your diagnostic tool. Please program the buttons using the standard Ford on-board programming process, as follows:

  1. Turn any key in the ignition 6, 8, or 10 times until door locks cycle. (In later models you will hear a chime rather than door locks cycle)
  2. Within 20 seconds press any button on the remote(s) you are programming, locks will again cycle to confirm remote was programmed.
  3. Turn ignition to off postion. Locks will cycle one last time confirming car has exited programming mode. Test remote(s).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have trouble getting your vehicle to enter programming mode try buckling the driver and passenger-side seatbelts.


Not for nothing, but I had a locksmith customer tell me that the above procedure did not work on his 2015 Escape but how he got the job done was the following...

First he used his MVP to get the chip programmed to the car and get the car started. Then he shutdown the car and buckled the seatbelt and made sure the door was closed before starting the procedure of adding the remote function. He put the key into the ignition, turned the car on, pressed a button on the remote, the door locks cycled to show it was in program mode, then the car took the remote. This procedure may help you.

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