FORD 5-Cut Ignition Locks - AeroLock TO-1 (H51)

  • Item #: 1000
  • Model: AER-TO1
  • Manufacturer: AeroLock


Key Blank: H51
Code Series: FA0-FA1863
Spaces Cut: 1-5
# of Keys: 70

Works on all Ignition locks from 1967 to about 1984. Some up until the early 1990's.

This set is loose in a box, simply try one key at a time in the Ignition. Please note that each key is cut different on each side, so try one side if it does not work flip it over and try the other side. Keep going until you find a key that works.

This is a must-have set for any automotive locksmith! Use this set for IGNITION LOCKS on those older Fords that use the H51 key blank. This kit is particularly useful to have on hand because the other other methods to make a key for these cars are impressioning or removing the steering wheel. Just use try-out keys, get it over with, and collect your money. 70 keys in this set.

One of the oldest tricks in the book for automotive locksmiths, try-out keys give you a simple way to make replacement keys for your customers. We are a distributor of Aero Lock, the top producer of automotive try-out keys for locksmiths.

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