FORD 8-Cut Ignition Locks - AeroLock TO-111 (H75)

  • Item #: 1005
  • Model: AER-TO111
  • Manufacturer: AeroLock


Key Blank: H75
Code Series: 0001X-1706X
Spaces Cut: 2-8
# of Keys: 416

Works on ford 8 cut ignitions using spaces 2-8 (about 98% of all ford ignitions).

This set is grouped in 3 boxes ( A,B,C ). If you read the 1st wafer in the door (we give you instructions how) you will never have to try more than 175 keys to get a working door key. We give you the code cuts for the key so you can make a "code" key if you would like. After you have your working ignition key you are missing cut 1! Simply progress cut 1 (most of the time for the door) and you are done!

Use this set for IGNITION LOCKS (spaces 2-8) on those 1997 and newer Fords that use the H75 key blank. 423 keys in this set.

One of the oldest tricks in the book for automotive locksmiths, try-out keys give you a simple way to make replacement keys for your customers. We are a distributor of Aero Lock, the top producer of automotive try-out keys for locksmiths.

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