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Ford 98-2017 Cloneable 4-Btn Rmt Head Key RFD100 (H75) (KEYLINE)

  • Item #: 9068
  • Model: KLN-RFD100-FD21
  • Manufacturer: Keyline
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RFD 100 Keyline System for Ford - H75 Key

  • Guaranteed Synchronization with Original Ford Remotes
  • Clones all Ford models from 1998-Present
  • Waterproof with a lookalike Ford design
  • To be programmed with a diagnostic tool
Buttons: Lock
Programmable Button
Works on the Following Models: Ford 1998-2017
Part Number: FD21
Test Key: H75
Frequency: 315 MHz
Chip: Texas 80 Bit
Reusable: No


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