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FORD Escort Explorer 1991-95 (H62 / H66 / MZ25) EEZ Reader

  • Item #: 2284
  • Model: EEZ-H62
  • Manufacturer: EEZ Reader
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EEZ Readers are the simplest method for decoding your customer's locks. Just insert the decoder and take your readings! Read the Intro to EEZ Readers.

This H62 EEZ Reader is designed to decode the modified Ford 10 Wafer lock system. This system first appeared in 1991 on many Escort and Tracer models. Unlike the standard 10 wafer system, this does not use the first 3 spaces on any lock in the vehicle. Although, a factory original key will have all 10 cuts, you do not need these spaces to operate the locks. The code series, furthermore, has not changed.

If you prefer impressioning rather than decoding, be aware of the 5 depth wafer. It has been modified and is shorter than the rest. You can impression a 4 in the door, and have it work. But sometimes, it's really a 5. The ignition lock is expecting a 5 and it will not work. However, the H62 EEZ Reader reads a 4 as a 4 and a 5 as a 5. This is another reason why this tool is a valuable asset to your auto work. Read the User Manual for This Model

Keyways: H62
Applications: Ford Escort 1991-1995
Ford Explorer 1991-1995
Ford Tracer 1991-1995
Mercury Villager 1993-1995
Mazda Navajo 1991-1995
Nissan Quest 1993-1995
Locks: Doors
Codes: 101A501-291A579
HPC Card: X56


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