Genuine Lishi Volvo 2-Track HU56 HS Decoder (Must Pick First)

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  • Item #: 366
  • Model: LSH-DEC-HU56
  • Manufacturer: Lishi


Clearance!!! Get the last of our Genuine Lishi tools while supplies last!! Once they're gone, they're GONE FOR GOOD.

Use this HU56 decoder for the high security Volvo locks. These locks DO need to be picked first before decoding. Make sure you have the matching Volvo (HU56) High Security Pick.

Tool Can Be
Used With:
Volvo C70: 1997-2002
Volvo S40: ???
Volvo S70: Up to 1998
Volvo S80: ???
Volvo V40: ???
Volvo V70: Up to 2000

Decoder is made of strong stainless steel and takes very little practice to use.

Included is the decoder, 20 steel blanks, a center key, and a plastic protective case. Steel blanks and center key are for use with the Lishi Key Cutter (make keys for testing or temporary use on-site without a high security key machine).

See the tool in action. Sorry, no English and he is actually picking and then decoding a VW lock, but still a great demonstration of using the tool.

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