GM 1967+ 6-Cut All Locks - AeroLock TO-39A (B15 / B44-B51)

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  • Item #: 1018
  • Model: AER-TO39A
  • Manufacturer: AeroLock


Key Blank: B15 (B44,B45,B46,B47,B48,B49,B50,B51,B62)
Code Series: A-Y000-999 & 00A0-99Y9
Spaces Cut: 1-6
# of Keys: 225

Works on all  GM 6 Cut locks from 1967 up including VATS ignitions. We cut this set on the B15 Master Key so it will fit ALL of them.

This set is grouped in sets for the glove box, if there is a glove box on the car try 1 key from each ring in it, when you find a key that turns one of the keys on that ring will work in the door lock.If there is not a glove box unfortunately you have to try every key in the door & Ignition. Once you find a key that works. We provide you the cut list if you would like to make a "code" key.

No more steering wheel pulls or taking doors apart. Use this set for ALL LOCKS on 6-cut GMs that use the B44, B45, B46, B47, B48, B49, B50, or B51 key blanks. Aerolock put this set on a B15 master key blank so it would pass into all of these locks. Especially handy for locksmiths that aren't trained up on removing steering wheels just yet. 229 keys in this set.

One of the oldest tricks in the book for automotive locksmiths, try-out keys give you a simple way to make replacement keys for your customers. We are a distributor of Aero Lock, the top producer of automotive try-out keys for locksmiths.

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