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GM B107 / PT04 (PK3 Z) (691205) Transponder Key (BlueRocket)

  • Item #: 2192
  • Model: BRK-B107
  • Manufacturer: BlueRocket
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This GM Transponder Key Works on the Following Models: Buick LaCrosse 2005-2009
Pontiac Grand Prix 2004-2008
Saab 9-7 2006-2008
This GM Transponder Key Replaces the Following Key Types: Strattec 691205
Strattec 5902386
Strattec 692138
Ilco PT04PT
Bianchi BPT04PT
Hata B107PHT
Hata HAT367
Jet B107PHT
A-1 GMT201B
A-1 GMT201S
A-1 GMX367
Reusable: Yes
Cloneable: Yes
Chip: MEGAMOS 13
Test Key: B106/B109

691205 Strattec 692138 Strattec GMX-367 A-1 PT04PT Ilco GMT-201S A-1 B107-PHT Jet PT04PT5 Ilco B107-N-PHT Jet GMX367-PHT Jet

TK-257, NLK-CHEV-01-13, K-B107, B107PT, MK-B107PT

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