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GM HU100 10-Cut Laser Key Origination System (OCTOKEYS)

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  • Item #: 15488
  • Model: OCT-10CUT
  • Manufacturer: Octokeys


Octokeys is a QUICK and SIMPLE solution for originating a key on the HU100 GM 10 cut system with V-Series codes. The Octokeys system contains 8 rings that have 8 keys each on them. Each Octokey has a different number stamped on each side of the head.
You simply try each Octokey from the Door Lock Set in the door lock until you find one that turns. You will then check the number of that Octokey.
Let's say for example that it's Octokey #18. Look on the Octokey Ignition Chart, it will give you four Octokeys to try in the ignition, #s 66, 74, 82, and 90.
You can now depress the retainer and remove to get the keycode off the lock cylinder!
Octokeys may also be used to unlock cars! Non invasive and quick!
Most GM Push to Start vehicles can also be opened with your Octokey set!
  • There may be MORE than one key that will turn both directions in the door. If you find a key that turns in both directions and you try the ignition keys and they do not turn, finish testing the door keys to see if there is another key that turns both ways as well.
  • DO NOT jiggle the keys in the door. Just try while turning left and right. Do not force.
  • Some door locks are worn as well. While trying the doors, keep track of any key # that turns in one direction. Use this/these keys if more than one to determine the ignition keys to use from the instructions.
  • Ignition locks wear out quickly. It is a good idea to use a pair of vise grips to add a little more torque when trying the ignition keys. Not enough to bend but just a little bit more torque.
  • Remove the ignition and CUT BY CODE. If you cannot make sense of the code or if lock is worn, simply remove the tumblers to see the depth number stamped on it. Replace any badly worn tumblers. Removing the lock is the easiest and quickest way.

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