GTH Multi Transponder Head—Electronic Cloning (ILCO)

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  • Item #: 5593
  • Model: ILC-GTH
  • Manufacturer: Ilco


Kaba Ilco Corp. is pleased to introduce the GTH Multi Transponder Head for use with the Ilco Modular Key System.

The GTH head is compatible with the RW4 Plus, Ilco EZ®-Clone Plus and Plus Box units. A simple, free software update is necessary to clone using the GTH heads

  • No Battery, no circuit board
  • Contains a glass transponder
  • Fits existing Ilco Modular System Key Blades
  • One head allows cloning of both TI and Phillips Crypto
  • Can be pre-coded (using TRP Setting Program) to emulate 14 different transponders
  • Utilizes security that protects against potential illegal cloning
  • Smaller than previous clonable heads; closer in size to original keys

All registered owners of Ilco Cloning Tools will be notified and receive access to free software.

Three new cloning kits are available. Kits have been developed to provide coverage for owners based on key cutting capabilities.

Replaces Ilco EH3, EH3P and EH3LB clonable keys for anyone with Ilco's "Plus" tools (requires that simple, free software update).



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