HERCULOCK Emg Door Lock—Secure Herculite Doors in Minutes! (GKL)

  • Item #: 6648
  • Model: GKL-HL1
  • Manufacturer: GKL Products


The Herculite Emergency Door Lock - Late night emergency door lock-up.

Easily secures Herculite doors. This emergency door lock installs in minutes for late night door lock-up. A quick fix for failed Herculite door locks. Standard keying of available in large and small format removable core cylinders for master keying.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easily Secures Herculite Doors
  • Emergency Door Lock Installs in Minutes for Late Night Door Lock-Ups
  • Standard Keying or Available in Large & Small Format Removable Core Cylinders for Master Keying
  • Saves You Time & Money in Emergency Situations
  • Quick Fix for Failed Herculite Door Locks.

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