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HPC 35-Pc Color-Coded Pick Set (HPC)

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  • Item #: 5121
    Model: HPC-COLOR-35
  • Manufacturer: HPC


The Color Coded Pick Packs make finding the pick that you need quicker than ever! No need to fumble through all of your picks to find the rake that you are looking for, the red rakes in your set are so vibrant that you won't miss them. HPC's Color Coded Pick Series includes a different color handle for each type of pick: red for rakes, blue for hooks, gold for diamonds, and green for balls. The aluminum handles provide for a lighter feel than stainless steel. The Extractors are stainless steel for strength and flexibility. Create your own pick set by choosing your case and then choosing a Pick Pack to fit your needs. Picks are also available individually.

RAKES (Red Handle)
  CLPX-11R (.022)
CHLPX-11R (.028)
  CLPX-15R (.022)
  CLPX-16R (.022)
HOOKS (Blue Handle)
  CLPX-12H (.022)
CHLPX-12H (.028)
  CPX-31H (.022)
DIAMONDS (Gold Handle)
  CLPX-10D (.022)
CHLPX-10D (.028)
BALLS (Green Handle)
  CBPX-5B (.022)
  CBPX-41B (.022)
EXTRACTORS (Stainless Steel)
  SSX-10 (.020)
  SSX-11 (.020)
  SSX-20 (.020)
  SSX-21 (.020)


  • 10 Rakes (Red Handles)
  • 5 Hooks (Blue Handles)
  • 5 Diamonds (Gold Handles)
  • 5 Balls (Green Handles)
  • 5 Extractors (Silver Handles)
  • 5 Tension Tools


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