HPC CodeMax - Computerized Code Cutting (1200MAX)

  • Item #: 5132
  • Model: HPC-1200MAX
  • Manufacturer: HPC


CodeMax® is the Original Computerized Code Machine. Based on the "Standard of the Industry" Blitz™, CodeMax® has an internal computer chip that contains Depth & Space Data (DSD) for more than 950 different lock types. It has a micrometer function in both inch and metric formats. This versatility allows it to cut virtually all standard vehicle, commercial, residential and furniture keys throughout the world.

The high-performance, long-life motor on CodeMax® provides ample torque for cutting a high volume of keys. It is available in 120VAC or 240VAC for use in locksmith shops around the world.

The total power of CodeMax® is realized when you connect it to your PC. All machines come with a 25-foot (7.5m), 9-pin serial cable for easy connection to your PC. This gives you the ability to download information from MasterKing®, KeyTrail® and CodeSource®. This makes creating new keys as simple as looking up the code on your computer and downloading it to your HPC CodeMax®.

Backed by a 1-year warranty and HPC's Expert Technical Support Department, the CodeMax® is the answer for computerized code cutting!

CodeMax will quickly become a vital part of your locksmith shop. With HPC software, CodeMax becomes an integral part of your computer system. Some of the benefits you will realize are:

  • The ability to download master key systems, insuring error-free cutting, the option to interrupt a master key job to cut another code key and easily return to the master key system.
  • The ability to use drag-and-drop technology to quickly cut a key in your key management system.
  • The capacity to maintain your own Custom Code Series in our code retrieval program.


  • Motor: 120VAC (1/6 hp, 4 amps)
  • Shipping Weight: 50lbs
  • Machine Size: 12"W x 14"D x 14"H
  • Bench Size: 20"W x 14"D

Included Cutters:

  • CW-14MC (100º large cylinder)
  • CW-1011 (90º small cylinder)
  • CW-90MC (90º large cylinder)
  • CW-20FM (76º Sargent)
  • CW-47MC (87º some automotive)

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