HPC CodeMax w/ Automatic Angler - Easy Medeco (1200MAXAA)

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  • Model: HPC-1200MAXAA
  • Manufacturer: HPC


HPC CodeMax® is the Original Computerized Code Machine. Based on the "Standard of the Industry" Blitz™, CodeMax® has an internal computer chip that contains Depth & Space Data (DSD) for more than 950 different lock types. It has a micrometer function in both inch and metric formats. This versatility allows it to cut virtually all standard vehicle, commercial, residential and furniture keys throughout the world.

On the Automatic Angler model, (CodeMax®AA) the cutter pivots automatically to cut high-security angle keys, such as Medeco®, eliminating the need to turn the cutter head manually. Simply enter the depth and direction of the angle, and the HPC CodeMax® AA does the rest. All models of CodeMax® are equipped with a shoulder gauge safety switch. This feature ensures the shoulder gauge is out of the way before you start cutting a key.

The high-performance, long-life motor on HPC CodeMax® provides ample torque for cutting a high volume of keys. It is available in 120VAC or 240VAC for use in locksmith shops around the world.

The total power of CodeMax® is realized when you connect it to your PC. All machines come with a 25-foot (7.5m), 9-pin serial cable for easy connection to your PC. This gives you the ability to download information from MasterKing®, KeyTrail® and CodeSource®. This makes creating new keys as simple as looking up the code on your computer and downloading it to your HPC CodeMax®.

Backed by a 1-year warranty and HPC's Expert Technical Support Department, the CodeMax® is the answer for computerized code cutting!

HPC CodeMax will quickly become a vital part of your locksmith shop. With HPC software, CodeMax becomes an integral part of your computer system. Some of the benefits you will realize are:

  • The ability to download master key systems, insuring error-free cutting, the option to interrupt a master key job to cut another code key and easily return to the master key system.
  • The ability to use drag-and-drop technology to quickly cut a key in your key management system.
  • The capacity to maintain your own Custom Code Series in our code retrieval program.


  • Motor: 120VAC (1/6 hp, 4 amps)
  • Shipping Weight: 50lbs
  • Machine Size: 12"W x 14"D x 14"H
  • Bench Size: 20"W x 14"D

Included Cutters:

  • CW-14MC (100º large cylinder)
  • CW-1011 (90º small cylinder)
  • CW-90MC (90º large cylinder)
  • CW-20FM (76º Sargent)
  • CW-47MC (87º some automotive)

Included Accessories:


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