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HPC COLOR-L35 Lady Locksmith Pick Set (HPC)

  • Item #: 8745
  • Model: HPC-COLOR-L35
  • Manufacturer: HPC


The Aluminum Pink Pick Packs make finding the pick that you need quicker than ever! HPC's Pink Aluminium Pick Series includes rakes, hooks, diamonds, and balls. The aluminum handles provide for a lighter feel than stainless steel. The Extractors are stainless steel for strength and flexibility. Create your own pick set by choosing your case and then choosing a Pick Pack to fit your needs. Picks are also available individually.

  CLPX-11R (.022)
CHLPX-11R (.028)
  CLPX-15R (.022)
  CLPX-16R (.022)
  CLPX-12H (.022)
CHLPX-12H (.028)
  CPX-31H (.022)
  CLPX-10D (.022)
CHLPX-10D (.028)
  CBPX-5B (.022)
  CBPX-41B (.022)
EXTRACTORS (Stainless Steel)
  SSX-10 (.020)
  SSX-11 (.020)
  SSX-20 (.020)
  SSX-21 (.020)


  • 10 Rakes
  • 5 Hooks
  • 5 Diamonds
  • 5 Balls
  • 5 Extractors
  • 5 Tension Tools

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