HPC Steering Column Lock Plate Compression Kit (SWLPC-1)

  • Item #: 4531
    Model: HPC-SWLPC-1
  • Manufacturer: HPC


The Steering Column Lock Plate Compression Kit is a complete kit for new style air bag columns, as well as older models. It includes both standard and metric threaded shafts and set screws, along with a longer, narrower U-bracket for air bag and telescoping columns.

The kit includes the metric internally threaded shaft and set screws that are required for 1978 to present on General Motors vehicles. It also comes with a handy 9" x 12" (23 x 31cm) vinyl pouch.

Once the steering wheel is removed, simply screw the center post onto the steering shaft and place the yoke over it. Turning inward on the center post nut compresses the plate. This leaves both hands free to pry the wire snap-ring out of the shaft's groove. Re-installation of the ring after servicing is accomplished by just sliding the ring down the tapered shank of the center post screw and back into the groove.

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