HPC The Extreme Blitz™ - Key Cutting by Code (1200CMBX)

  • Item #: 4570
  • Model: HPC-1200CMBX
  • Manufacturer: HPC


The Original Blitz™ Machine, from its introduction more than 30 years ago, revolutionized the locksmith industry. The 1200CMB HPC Blitz™ simplified the code cutting process, and its innovative design earned it 3 U.S. Patents. It is the best selling code machine, renowned as the "Standard of the Industry", and after more than three decades, HPC's Blitz™ machine has become an integral part of virtually every locksmith business.

Before the HPC Blitz™ it had never been so easy to cut keys by code. No more fumbling around with time consuming depth keys. No more confusing micrometer measurements and complicated machine set-up. The "key" to this revolution was translating the lock manufacturers' depth and space measurements to code cards. Most often, just replacing the code card is all that is required to cut a key for a different lock.

Simply insert the code card for the lock you are using and set the space needle to the number 1 mark on the card. Then turn the depth crank until the depth needle reaches the appropriate depth number. This action will move the blank into the cutter and make a cut to the proper depth. Next, back the key off of the cutter and move the space needle to the second space. Continue this simple procedure to cut a new key (to the manufacturer's exact specifications) in less than one minute.

The high-performance, long-life motor on the HPC Blitz™ provides ample torque for cutting a high volume of keys.

Additional specialty code cards, cutters and adapters are available separately. Optional adapters are available for Tubular and Tibbe keys making the HPC Blitz™ the most versatile code machine available.

Included with your HPC Blitz:

  • An expanded deck of 175 code cards, including 8 micrometer cards
  • Tubular Key Adapter Kit (TKA-CMB)
  • Blitz Calibration Kit (CMB-CK)
  • CW-14MC (100º large cylinder) cutter
  • CW-1011 (90º small cylinder) cutter
  • CW-47MC (87º automotive) cutter
  • Binder (holds 150 cards) with Manual
  • Horseshoe tip stop
  • Red tip stop
  • Brass plated key shim
  • Cutter adjustment wrench
  • 5/64" allen wrench
  • Cutter nut wrench
  • PLUS, FREE GIFTS when you register your Extreme Blitz™: CodeSource®, MasterKing® Or How to Create Master Key Systems z


  • Motor: 120VAC (60hz, 1/3hp, 4.2 amps)
  • 35 lbs
  • Machine Size: 12"W x 14"D x 9"H
  • Bench Size: 20"W x 14"D

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