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I/Core SFIC Core - WH - 6-Pin - Satin Brass (Stanley/Ilco/CCL)

  • Item #: 7057
  • Model: ICC-SFIC6-WH-4
  • Manufacturer:
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Please note that these cores are not pinned and do not include keys.

Depending on availability, cores will be in any of the following brands: Stanley, Ilco or CCL.

Part # Ilco 28016-BWH-4 or
CCL/Sesame SFIC6-UC-WH-4
GMS IC6-WH-4 or
KSP 206-WH-4 or
Arrow 100CR-UCX-WH-4
Description Small Format Interchangeable Core 6-pin Cylinder
Length 1.1" (28.04mm)
Keyway Best WH
Finish Satin Brass (US4)
Keying Unkeyed
Keys None