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IC CORE MASTER PACK #1: 10-Core Master-Keyed Starter Pack w/Keys

$203.50 - $204.50
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  • Item #: 7256
  • Model: ICC-PACK532
  • Manufacturer:


Be Prepared for your Next IC Core Customer

This kit gives you what you need to be ready for a large number of customer requirements in a pinch. Forget buying the tools and learning how to pin everything up yourself. Just get this kit and you can offer a ton of different configurations to your customers. This 5x3x2 master pack is designed to give you an amazing amount of flexibility. Every locksmith should have one of these packs in every van.


  • 5 cores keyed alike (engraved on side with "AA1")
  • 3 cores keyed alike (engraved on side with "AA2")
  • 2 cores keyed alike (engraved on side with "AA3")
  • 1 master key (engraved with "MASTER")
  • 1 control key (engraved with "CONTROL")
  • 2 operating keys for each set (total of 6 keys, engraved with "AA1", "AA2", and "AA3")
  • 4 blank keys for duplicating more when needed

All cores used are 6-pin (1C1M1) in the M keyway (1A1M1/A1114M) with a Satin Chrome finish (626/26D). They will work in 6-pin or 7-pin housings. All keys have been fully tested in all cores before packaging, so don't worry about problems. Your master key system is unique to you and not provided to anyone else. The system will be assigned a 6-digit ID code (eg. MP1234), and that code will also be engraved onto both your cores and keys.

Need to add to your existing system? Or just order more cores using the same control and master? Just tell us your system's ID, we have the info on file, and we can start building your system further from there.

If you purchased these items separa-tely, they would cost a total of $303.26. Buy as a pre-made kit and save! $99.76.


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