Introduction to Soldering and EEPROM—2 Days—Friday & Saturday, Sept 9-10

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Upcoming Dates: September 9-10 (Friday-Satruday)
Times: 9am-5pm
Location: American Key Supply
Las Vegas, NV
Food & Drink: A light breakfast & lunch will be provided as well as water, coffee, sodas and snacks throughout the class. Please notify us if you have any special dietary restrictions. And no, requiring Kopi Luwak doesn't count as a dietary restriction.
Class Size: 20-30 students
Instructors: Brandon Tucker
Expert Key Solutions
Eric Lambert
The Locksmith Co
Tennesse & Kentucky
Eric Demers
Advanced Key Solutions
Class Description:

This hands-on classroom training serves to introduce the topics of advanced EEPROM programming methods that require soldering irons and specialized device programmers. Students will develop an understanding of memory functionality, discover various methods of reading and processing BIN files, and participate in practical training on surface-mount soldering and de-soldering.

The science of soldering
Soldering iron anatomy and basics
Cored and multicored soldering wires
Soldering station benefits, including hot air rework
Tip selection and use cases for iron work and hot air 
Flux types and practical applications
PCB construction and characteristics
ESD (electrical static discharge)
Soldering through hole and surface-mounted components
Post-solder cleaning and inspection (microscope)
Exploring Surface-Mount Technology (SMT)—DIP, SOIC, PLCC, QFP
Practical application (as time allows)

Hexadecimal vs. ASCII
The anatomy of an EEPROM and recognizing pin location 
How to identify an EEPROM and decode its original manufacture, size, & capacity 
Reading an EEPROM, immobilizer, & ECU memory out-of-circuit
Reading an EEPROM, immobilizer, & ECU memory in-circuit (and its challenges)
Component removal techniques
Solder removal techniques
Verifying read/write data integrity
BIN files for used module replacement and key making
Introduction to microcontrollers (MCU)
In-circuit MCU data harvesting
Connectivity tips and tricks (no diagram present)  
The benefits of a quality microscope
Practical application (as time allows) 
Overview of locksmith related specialty programmers
Security bypass potential of applicable memory using specialty programmers

Featured Hardware
Autel IM608
Zed Full
Scorpio Tango

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of the course, students will gain an understanding of advanced immobilizer and ECU programming techniques, which may require soldering/desoldering of components or wires onto a PCB using specialty tools. 

As with all of our classes, there will be exclusive deals for students on most or all of the products we cover in the classes.
Cost: $1400 (includes soldering station)
$1200 (bring your own tools)

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