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Keyline 994 Laser HS Code Cutting Machine w/ 4 Jaws (GH)

  • Item #: 4189
  • Model: KLN-B994-NEW-GH
  • Manufacturer: Keyline


994 Laser 110V - 60Hz with 4 Jaws and Instacode (A C, G & H Jaws)

The 994 Laser is the most advanced electronic high security key cutting machine on the market. Featuring a touch screen console and stand alone unit - this is all you will need to cut high security keys by code.

  • Cuts by code, decode or depths and duplicates high security keys
  • Complete database of high security systems to be cut built-in; no computer needed
  • Key information is automatically converted to original lock specification when duplicating
  • Electronic calibration
  • Universal 2.5mm cutter used for all applications
  • Ability to input cuts at 1/2 depths
  • Includes GM & Ford high security and Lexus 80K code series
  • Easily updated through Internet or with Smart Media technology
  • Includes A & C jaws to cut most popular high security laser keys; B, D & G jaws available as optional equipment
  • Vacuum attachment available separately
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Includes Free 1 Year Subscription to Instacode

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