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KeyLogic GoKlip for EZ Flasher - Replaces Small Blue Clip/Cable

  • Item #: 4554
  • Model: KLG-GO-EZ
  • Manufacturer: KeyLogic
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Now with an updated, more effective design! Easier connection and easy-swappable pins.

Own an EZ Flasher? Get with the times. Replace your stock connector and make your life easier with the GoKlip.

One of the most difficult parts of performing a reflash used to be just getting a good connection to the chip. Car makers routinely cover their boards and chips with a thick layer of clear varnish to protect electronics from static electricity. Unfortunately, that makes it extremely difficult to be consistently successful when attaching standard test clips used by most other reflashers. Now, with the GoKlip, you can push down on the chip instead of squeezing around it, and the sharpened, gold pins on the tool pierce right through the varnish for an easy, solid connection.

TIP: Spray your board with electrical cleaner, wait 30 seconds, then use your GoKlip. Works like a charm.


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