LAB .027 Caps for Best Cylinders—STAMPED—Pack of 100 (I027S1)

  • Item #: 4137
  • Model: LAB-I027S1
  • Manufacturer: LAB


  • Brass
  • Stamped (from Alloy 260 Flat Stock Brass, .1185" Dia.)

Note About Caps: There are two different sizes of pin chamber caps for interchangeable cores. STAMPED pin caps are 0.1185” (+/- 0.0005") diameter and are manufactured of a softer brass. MACHINED pin caps are 0.117" (+/- 0.0005") diameter. Which is better depends on the user, and many locksmiths cannot tell the difference. If you do a lot of volume, we recommend trying both and finding your preference.

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