Laser Key Products 3D ELITE HS Key Machine

$6,450.00 - $6,900.00
Power Option
  • Item #: 7306
  • Model: LKP-2001
  • Manufacturer: Laser Key Products


For a limited time, when you purchase the 3D Elite from us, we will throw in $200 in free BlueRocket or LockMonkey products (keys, remotes, chips, shells, and tools), just to get you going!

NOTICE: If you are going to be using the 3D Elite in your vehicle, please purchase a $45 Vehicle Bolt-Down Kit with your machine. If you use this machine in a vehicle without the Vehicle Bolt-Down Kit, your warranty will not be honored.

The 3D Elite is the next generation high security key cutting machine from Laser Key Products. Just like the 3D Xtreme, this machine really can be a complete replacement for the HPC Blitz in your vans. It is cleaner, more stable, reliable and just plain cooler than all that came before.

  • Includes Laptop & Genericode!
  • Cuts by code, including half-cuts
  • Decode/trace high security and standard keys, including those with internal cuts. Compensates for wear and decodes back to factory original cuts.
  • Fully automatic calibration
  • Includes cutting wheel for cutting standard keys and 2.5mm for laser cutting high security keys
  • Gives option for plunge cutting or contour cutting standard keys
  • 4-sided J2 vise on left for cutting all kinds of standard keys. J1 vise on right for cutting high security keys. Mercedes and BMW adapters now built into jaw-top. New J3 vise in center of jaw for cutting VW keys without the need for an adapter!
  • Designed for mobile applications (bolt-down kit required)
  • Tibbe jaw available
  • Tubular jaw available
  • Integrated brush wheel
  • Chip tray keeps your work areas clean
  • No tools needed to interchange parts
  • Easily updated via the Internet
  • Native USB connectivity
  • 40lbs, 17"x13"x14"
  • Includes a 2-Year Warranty (parts & labor)

What's new with the Elite version:

  • Fully shield enclosed for safety and containment of shavings
  • New improved Rotary Jaws for clamping keys now with built-in tip/shoulder stops
  • Cuts slotted keys (eg. safety deposit boxes)
  • Light on workspace with USB stick that illuminates work area
  • DC brushless motors with 3 axis controller for more speed, control and accuracy on cutting of keys and improving cutter life
  • Adjustments of speeds/feeds for different key hardness
  • Software enhancements with automatic updates and easy start/restart and new diagnostic capabilities to help technical support
  • Multiple power sources available with AC adapter or direct 12V power option (**OPTIONAL, purchased separately), eliminating the need for an inverter
  • Wi-Fi connections to make machine communicate wirelessly
  • Now only 40lbs with built-in handles for easy carrying and simple to install bolt down kit for vehicle
  • External power supply
  • Usage of optical and proximity sensors for increased precision and safety
  • New direct drive system on high security motor eliminating belt and other parts for better operation
  • New quick change/removal on Jaws
  • Indicator lights for power, machine status and connectivity

*Dropship only. Dropship fees may apply.

Box Dimensions: 22"Lx20"Hx15"D



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